In an interesting twist of hypocrisy, Morgellons looking fibers have been found in the COVID Vaccines. Joni Mitchell, who famously suffered from Morgellons for years, recently pulled all her music from Spotify in protest of anyone who might have anything bad to say about the COVID Injections. It should be noted that she did this in support of Neil Young who also pulled his music from Spotify for people saying mean (yet truthful) things about the vaccines. It was later found that Neil Young had strong financial ties to Pfizer… No! You don’t say!

-Hope Girl

WARNING: Shocking microscopic images of filaments found inside covid vaccine vials


It’s very difficult to choose reports and videos to share because I believe there’s a delicate balance in what we, as humans, can handle knowing before mentally shutting down completely. Having said that, it is imperative we continue to expose the very dark agenda behind the covid vaccines.

If you have been vaccinated, especially if you’ve been jabbed more than once, I recommend taking the dangers that so many of us have been warning about very seriously. This is especially critical if you have taken one of the vaccines from the four major manufacturers (Pfizer, Astra-Zeneca, Moderna, J&J) which are the most lethal, Pfizer being at the top of the list.

The video below shows microscopic images of the filaments that are being found in the vaccine vials (this one is Pfizer). I’ve shared a lot of these nanoparticulate findings from La Quinta Columna and others, but this one made me burst into tears. I observe plants and microbes under my microscope and I instantly recognized cellular structure in the filaments. I suddenly realized the global implications and the sheer evil of it overwhelmed me. They call this abomination the “super evil.”

I’m sorry to post this, sorry for our beloved world and the humans who inhabit it. If you have taken the jabs please, immediately start to detox the graphene and other nanoparticulates, such as heavy metals, parasites, etc., and don’t take any boosters! With some attention and a few health steps your body will naturally detox these foreign substances in time. I’m not telling you this because I want to sell a lot of vitamins. I’m telling you this because I love you. The makers of the vaccines manufactured them to maim and kill. I’m fighting back with information that has been severely censored.

It’s imperative for you to follow a healthy diet and lifestyle – the only thing you should be boosting is your immune system. For example, we probably all know by now that graphene causes the blood clotting and other symptoms we’ve been hearing about. A body that has enough of the antioxidant glutathione (part of the immune system) is able to handle most foreign invaders. Covid the disease, and the shots deplete natural glutathione reserves. NAC (N-acetylcysteine) is the precursor to glutathione (helps make it) and stops the blood from abnormally clotting. You can listen to an entire supplement protocol HERE along with a couple of videos and more information about the necessary supplementation. I also strongly suggest you get Ivermectin HERE.

You can see the full video by clicking the following link:

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