Oxygen deprivation levels from mask-wearing violates OSHA standards. Video of a man using an air quality monitor to prove that wearing masks creates unsafe work conditions is going viral as the national debate about masks intensifies in the face of rising coronavirus cases.

Source: https://www.infowars.com/watch-air-quality-device-proves-masks-unsafe-for-work/

“Lotta people are saying they’re getting headaches and stuff from wearing a mask that they’re requiring us to wear pretty much everywhere we go,” the man says. “And I’m gonna test oxygen level under a mask using an OSHA-approved air quality monitor that tests for oxygen levels, hazardous gas levels, LEL, CO, and H3H2, stuff like that.”

“OSHA requires 19.5% oxygen to work in a space. Look it up. Normal oxygen level is anywhere from 20 to 21.”

He then demonstrates the normal oxygen level without wearing a mask by placing the reading tube near his uncovered mouth, which gave a normal reading.

“I’ve got 20.5. That is the oxygen level without the mask,” he says.

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He then puts on a mask and places the reading tube underneath it at the corner of his mouth.

The test began beeping, indicating that hazardous oxygen levels were present.

“You can hear the alarm going off,” the man says. “That means there is a hazardous atmosphere. And we’ll see what the levels are…17.4”

“If you’re worrying about headaches and stuff like that, there’s why. Because you’re not getting enough oxygen,” he added. “If you’re exerting, working, running, whatever the case may be, it’s only gonna get worse from there.”

This comes as states like New York, Texas, North Carolina, and others are renewing mandatory mask directives as coronavirus cases begin to spike due to increased testing.