Spain Uprising Against “False Pandemic” Coronavirus Tyranny

Spain Uprising Against “False Pandemic” Coronavirus Tyranny

Activists in Spain are mounting a concerted effort to expose the coronavirus crisis as a “false pandemic” and protest against draconian measures imposed upon residents by the government.


Spain has reported the highest number of coronavirus cases in Europe, paving the way for Madrid to impose draconian lockdown rules after declaring a state of emergency on March 14.

While elements are of the lockdown are being progressively eased, Spanish authorities recently announced that face masks and ‘social distancing’ protocols will remain mandatory nationwide until “we definitively defeat the virus, which will be when we have an efficient therapy or an effective vaccine.”

A growing coalition of activists are banding together under the title “Stop Confinamiento España” (Stop Lockdown Spain) to challenge the globalist narrative about COVID-19, alleging their own government and many others have perpetrated massive fraud against Spanish citizens and billions more around the world.

The group has garnered 5,000 followers of their Telegram account and recently released a lengthy report in English titled, “Plandemic in Spain: Chronicle of the Fear Virus,” which details their accusations and investigative research.


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La versión en inglés 1.02 de la “Crónica del virus del miedo”, la historia de la plandemia según el equipo de . Gracias @gumptionology por la ayuda en la traducción. 

6jhzjD4g_bigger Spain: Activists Launch Grassroots Uprising Against 'False Pandemic,' Coronavirus Tyranny [your]NEWS


“Given the scandalous concealment of data, lies and negligence by the Spanish government during this false pandemic, we are preparing to present an investigation that presents a panoramic, critical and alternative vision to the official account of the media,” they explains in the report.

The group alleges the general public was groomed to accept lockdown orders via a media blitz of fear porn and bogus predictions that tens of millions of people would likely die from COVID-19.

The report cites the Event 201 Global Pandemic Exercise as evidence that highly-influential groups – such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which hosted the conference in October of 2019 – had preplanned elements of the coronavirus crisis’s outcome.


Stop Confinamiento España is shedding light on possible abuses inflicted upon senior citizens who may have been intentionally exposed to the virus or badly neglected and prevented from contact with their families.

The group also asserts statistics related to coronavirus cases and mortality may have been dramatically embellished or are outright fraudulent, and that many deaths were potentially caused by unnecessary intubation or other incorrect treatment of COVID-19 patients.

Stop Confinamiento España is calling for mass, peaceful demonstrations on Saturday, June 20.



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