I’ve created a new channel on Youtube and on Vimeo where I will be discussing and defending my family’s energy project the QEG.   It only been up a couple of days and so far I’ve already uploaded a dozen or so videos that answer lots of questions about the QEG.   I explain the technology behind the QEG, explain important aspects of the project, answer frequently asked questions, and also face the critics, skeptics and disinformation debunkers head on in “response” videos.

I’ll be posting them here on the blog over the course of the next few weeks. Given that Youtube has been so sketchy lately, I’ve created a Youtube channel and a Vimeo Channel of these videos just in case and will embed BOTH versions of each video in each post.  I  hope you will subscribe to my channel on YouTube and Vimeo and give my videos a thumbs up.

Just a heads up: I’ve decided to open up the comments sections on this channel and all my other channels and let the comments go unmoderated.   I’m doing this because even the trolls comments are actually helping to spread awareness in an indirect “SEO” kind of way. More comments on the channel, even if they are trolls, help to boost my engagement score on Youtube and Vimeo, which in turn helps the videos to rank higher on search engines. So by all means… comment away!

Here is where you can sub to my new channel on Youtube:

And also here on Vimeo:

Hopegirl QEG About This New Channel from Hope Moore on Vimeo.


If you want to get involved or contact Hopegirl or learn more about the project Join the Clean Energy Academy here:


On the academy you can get the build plans for the QEG, the CAD package for the mini QEG, join us on live calls twice a month, and also have access to our full library of schematics, building instruction videos, test and measurement reports, project reports and much more.