Why to never get the flu shot and what to do instead

Reasons why I will never get the flu shot:

  1. They are not necessary.
  2. They contain many toxic ingredients that actually stress the immune system.
  3. Cold and flu viruses are opportunistic.  If we take away the opportunity, you can stay healthy without a vaccine.
  4. Contrary to common societal beliefs and germ theory, we do not “catch” a bug from someone.
  5. Stress is by far the biggest trigger to a cold or flu. How we let go of stress makes all the difference.
  6. If we have a plan to keep a clean body and a strong immune system, the chances of getting a cold/flu are negligible.
  7. If we have a plan for when we get the first symptoms of cold/flu, we can knock it out naturally in hours or a few days with powerful supplements.

The average American gets an average of 1-2 colds/flu per year.  I used to be that American before I became a Naturopath and Chinese medical doctor.  Now, in the last 8 years I have only had one cold.  The reason for this is having habits that create a strong immune system and a clean body while also having a powerful action plan of how to boost defenses when the body does get the beginning of a cold or flu.   Lets first expound on a few of the ideas above and then we can get to how to have a body with a strong immune system and a plan for how to defend yourself naturally.

  1. They are not necessary.

If your immune system is compromised, you are already fighting with limited resources, regardless of whether you get a vaccine or not.   If the immune system isn’t compromised, you should have the resources to be able to defend against a cold or flu just fine or never get one in the first place.  Just because we are in the season doesn’t mean you have to get the flu.

Do you eat refined sugar in some form, dairy or GMO wheat every day?

Then your immune system is compromised.  Plenty of other things compromise the immune system, these are just a start.   The problem is not the pathogen, it is the terrain in which those pathogens interact.  If the body is strong it can defend itself just fine in most cases.  Moreover, cold viruses morph and change every year.  This years vaccine only “protects” you mostly from last years virus strains.  It doesn’t necessarily protect you for the one that are present in the current year or season.

Researcher Dr. Lewis Thomas, M.D states, ““Much of the credit should go to the plumbers and engineers of the western world. The contamination of drinking water by human feces was at one time the single greatest cause of human disease and death for us; it remains so, along with starvation and malaria, for the Third World.”  A major correlation exists between massive decrease of death from disease and sanitation advancements.  It just so happens that vaccines started to emerge close to but mostly after major common problems had already begun to decline significantly from improved sanitation.  Most of our major diseases today such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes are due to chronic levels of inflammation in the body over time, rather than acute infectious diseases like measles that used to kill people.  However, a chronic state of inflammation (which most Americans have over the age of 30), will make defending acute episodes of a cold or flu much more difficult.

  1. They contain many toxic ingredients that actually stress the immune system unnecessarily.

Vaccines are known to contain many toxic ingredients such as MSG (monosodium glutamate), thimerisol (mercurcy) and formaldehyde.  These toxins stress the immune system unnecessarily.  Research for yourself the ingredients in a flu shot, and google any ingredients that you don’t recognize.

3. Cold and flu viruses are opportunistic.  If we take away the opportunity, you can stay healthy without a vaccine.

Common germ theory is the idea that pathogens “make” us sick.  While there is some truth to this, an even greater truth is that the condition of our body is much more critical in determining if we actually get a cold/flu or a disease.  The pathogen is not the problem, the terrain (our body) is. Understanding what weakens the body and the immune system and knowing what to do about it is much more important than getting a flu vaccine.  If we have a clean body and a strong immune system, our bodies are much more likely to defend themselves with greater efficacy.

4. Contrary to common societal beliefs, we do not catch a bug from someone.

A common saying heard echoing all over the country when cold season hits is, “I must have caught something from my husband/wife, baby/child, or co-worker.” We do not catch anything from anyone.  If you put 20 people in a room and expose them to a new flu virus, all 20 people will not get sick.  Perhaps a majority might get sick, but what is much more interesting is why a certain percentage don’t and what they did in order to prevent it.  That information appears to be much more useful.  Let’s discover the main habits that people have that normally don’t get sick and then put those into practice.   This will be more likely to put you in the percentage of people that don’t get sick every year during the flu season.

5. Stress is by far the biggest trigger to a cold or flu. How we let go of stress makes all the difference.

Stress is just a catch all word for how we experience emotions, specifically negative emotions.  When we feel stressed, what we normally are experiencing is various forms of fear, anxiety, anger, impatience, or others.  Chronically felt negative emotions are the most powerful things to compromise immune function.  A cold or flu actually has consciousness (associated negative emotions and thoughts) attached it.  Here is the general consciousness of the common cold:

Feeling scattered; too much to do, too many responsibilities, too much pressure to perform. Refusing to listen to your body and slow down. Feeling overwhelmed, overworked, and worn out. In need of some time to yourself. Confused about what choices to make. Fear that you are going to catch what another has.” (Inna Segal – The Secret Language of the Body)

The best way to deal with stress and negative emotions are through consciousness releasing techniques such as tapping (EFT) or The Sedona Method or Letting G. Learning how to let go of negative emotions is the most powerful thing you can do to prevent and fight a cold/flu.

6.  If we have a plan to keep a clean body and a strong immune system, the chances of getting a cold/flu are negligible.

Let’s say the average immune system is designed to run at 100% full capacity.  Due to the overwhelming majority of people living in a chronic state of inflammation already, the immune system of most may function only at 70% (if that) of full function.  It is also well known that certain foods like sugar can lower immune function by up to 40-50% for 24 hours.  Most people consume sugar every day, with some having it for every meal.  We consume 150 pounds of sugar today per person, which is about 7 times more than we did just 70 years ago (20-30 pounds).  Therefore, we have immune systems that are functioning well below 50% on a daily basis.  A flu vaccine isn’t going to make the immune system function better.  It may help to create antibodies, but the immune system needs to be strong first and have resources in order to make the cells that deal with pathogens when they crop up in the body.

The three biggest dietary contributors that are major sources of inflammation and weaken the immune system are refined sugar, wheat and dairy (milk, yogurt, cheese and cottage cheese).  Unfortunately, this is what the majority of Americans consume on a daily basis.  If you cut these out, your immune system will be able to defend you better.

On the flip side, the one food group which can supercharge the immune system is vegetables.  Our immune systems need constant materials to make new cells other than just protein.  Vegetables are the most nutrient dense foods on the planet. Most Americans consume 1-2 servings of vegetables per day.  This is not even close to enough.  Our bodies need 6-8 servings of vegetables per day in order to be healthy.  Getting your vegetables through juice is the best way to ensure you get what you need.  Buy a juicer (not a blender) like the Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juicer and juice the following organic ingredients in equal amounts:  celery, celery/apple, celery/cucumber/apple, romaine/carrot/apple, romaine/apple.  Use only organic ingredients.  Drink the juice immediately upon making it (to get the enzymes).  Make a glass of at least 10 ounces.  Getting 2 glasses of fresh organic juice per day will get you 6 servings of vegetables per day.

I also highly suggest doing at least a 14 to 28 day detoxification cleanse every year.  We are exposed to so many toxins today in our environment that our immune system has to defend against.  Detoxifying the body will ensure our immune system has the best change throughout the year.  A detoxification is very simple.  Consume nothing but 75% vegetables/25% fruits for 14 to 28 days.  Eating nothing else during this period.  Don’t bake or cook vegetables (kills enzymes).  Eat them raw mostly or steamed.   Eat as many vegetables as you want throughout the course of the day.  All vegetables and fruits have amino acids/protein, so you will survive just fine during this short time.  I have done many of these cleanses and see wonderful results every time.  One side benefit is losing 15-20 pounds every time, which stays off due to the body being cleaner.

In summary, these simple things below will keep us strong and healthy during the year.  This will also help keep chronic degenerative diseases from developing in the body over time too.

  1. Limit or even better eliminate sugar, dairy and wheat from the diet.
  2. Eliminate fried foods from the diet.
  3. Eliminate soy products from the diet.
  4. Consume 6-8 servings of vegetables each day.
  5. Consume 1-2 tablespoons of cold pressed organic coconut oil per day.

Eat more plant based sources of protein such as organic soaked almonds, walnuts, pecans, cashews, pistachios, chia seeds, or hemp seeds.  These are loaded with phytonutrients.  Please make sure your nuts and seeds are raw, organic and are soaked before consumption.
The best diet to follow (with recipes) to stay healthy and to reverse disease is the Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine by Dr. Gabriel Cousens, M.D.

7. If we have a plan for when we do get the first symptoms of cold/flu, we can knock it out naturally in hours or a few days with powerful supplements.

In the last 50 years, some very powerful antiviral and antibacterial supplements are available that can help to supercharge the immune system on a daily basis.

A. Consume 5,000 milligrams of Vitamin C (calcium ascorbate not ascorbic acid) per day.  Get a powder form and simply mix in water and drink.  This is a must have supplement.  I normally advocate for whole food supplements, but this is very helpful.  Most people don’t know that when you get a first sign of a cold/flu, you can consume mega amounts of vitamin c to significantly reduce the severity and duration of a cold/flu or stop it before it starts.  If I feel a tickle or scratch in the throat, body aches, a headache, a runny nose or another symptom that is common before a full blown flu, I will consume 10-15 grams of vitamin c immediately.  I have consumed up to 100,000 milligrams (100 grams) in one day.  No, you don’t just urinate it all out.  Yes, it is completely safe.  You want to reach bowel tolerance or saturation.  Bowel tolerance is when you start to get loose stools.   Then you know to back off a little.  You may also get gas or cramping.  Here are general guidelines when dealing with a cold/flu.

  1. Consume 2-5,000 milligrams every hour.  If you use the powder, 1 teaspoon is equal to about 4,500 milligrams.  If you do this for 10 hours during the day, you can consume 25-50,000 milligrams.
  2. If you get loose stools, cut back the amount per hour, but don’t stop taking the vitamin c until symptoms completely stop.
  3. Try to reach bowel tolerance.  Typically if one is on the cusp of or is in the middle of a cold or flu, it is common to consume between 30 and 60 grams of vitamin c per day in order to get to bowel tolerance.
  4. Make sure you keep an adequate supply at home to take on a daily basis and also an extra bottle backup for when you need more.

Vitamin C is powerful enough to be the only thing that may be needed to put a cold/flu to rest very quickly.  One must get adequate levels and continue to take those levels until you feel better or are symptom free.

B. Natrol Juice Festiv (daily)

This can be purchased at Sam’s Club or Costco or online for around $20-25 dollars.  Kids can take this too.  It is veggies, fruits, digestive enzymes, and probiotics in capsule form.  Take 2 per day of each to stay healthy.

C. Standard Process – Immuplex (daily)

This is a whole food multivitamin for the immune system and it is very powerful.  It has organ and gland rebuilding proteins and most of the most common immune building materials such as selenium, vitamin c, vitamin e, and zine.  This product can only be purchased through a licensed healthcare professional, so please contact me to order directly.  A maintenance dose is 2-4 capsules per day.  If you have an immune system issue, this is a must to take daily.

D. Standard Process – Congaplex (acute only)

This is a wonderful product that is very useful for acute immune issues like the onset of a cold or flu.  This product also comes in chewables, so it is great for children to take.  I keep a bottle at home always and take 8-12 capsules upon acute infection in addition to the vitamin C.

  1. Zinc (daily) – It is a wonderful nutrient that most people are deficient in and can greatly aide the immune system to fight pathogens.
  2. Lemon Balm (as needed) – a wonderful antiviral and anti-bacterial.
  3. Omega 3 (Cod Liver Oil or Flaxseed oil) (daily).  A wonderful fat that quells inflammation in the body and keeps the brain healthy.

Many other wonderful immune boosting supplements exist that you may have had good success with as well.

If you keep the above dietary recommendations and consume the above supplements, you will place yourself into the 90th percentile or greater of people that do not get the cold or flu annually and also have less changes of getting a chronic disease.  These habits have kept me strong and flu free for the last 8 years and I highly encourage you to do the same.

To access the full sources, use source link below.


By Dr Scott Graves, ND, MA

Dr Graves is a Florida-based Naturopath and Intuitive who specializes in Nutrition Response Testing, NAET, EFT, and Psychokinesiology.

(Source:  naturalblaze.com; October 4, 2016; http://tinyurl.com/glqnr9y)