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It’s always worth taking a look at the movies to see how the elite uses the industry to influence us and express their views.

Although it goes back many years transhumanism continues to be promoted through the entertainments industry with recent films such as Luc Besson’s ‘Lucy’ played by Scarlet Johansson, then there’s ‘Transcendence’ starring Johnny Depp…

-Sponsored by the ruling elite are they using the entertainments industry to let us know of their intentions, prepping us for what’s to come?

You bet they are.

Right at its inception and to this day the transhumanism movement has been well supported by the ruling elite. They see it as a way to immortality. This should immediately be a red flag warning for the rest of us.

So what exactly is transhumanism?

The term ‘transhumanism’ was first coined by biologist Julian Huxley in 1957, a prominent member of the British Eugenics society. His half-brother Aldous authored ‘Brave New World’ influenced by eugenics and its ties to Darwinist philosophy with natural selection favouring the survival of the fittest while the genetically ‘inferior’ get culled off…

Transhumanism is presented as an idealism essentially incorporating advancements in genetics, robotics and nanotechnology… to improve human health, intelligence and physical characteristics. The ruling elite’s transhumanist technocrat organizations have the visionary idea that one day there will be a superhuman cyborg race.

The idea of creating a superhuman race using eugenics and social Darwinism precedes the Huxley brothers. It can be traced back to Hitler’s Nazi genetic engineers. Between the years 1935-1945 there was a programme called the ‘Lebensborn’ or ‘Fountain of Life’ intended to build an Aryan master race. So called radically pure children were produced from blue-eyed blonde Nordic girls having no Jewish blood and SS males.

The bizarre christening involved a ritual where a dagger was held over the baby while the mother pledged allegiance to Nazi ideology… Disabled infants were either sent to concentration camps or terminated. These illegitimate offspring were then taken into long-term foster care in special orphanages.

Darwinist racist viewpoints came into effect from chief promulgator Adolph Hitler…

Dot-connector and playing God

Consistent with an idea from Jesuit priest philosopher and palaeontologist Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (1881 – 1955), the ruling elite believe that the transcended super human race will eventually with the aid of computer technology artificial intelligence merge into one God-like super consciousness.

While the idea of creating a superhuman race and God-like super consciousness has many questions challenging its plausibility it must be remembered that history has shown the ruling elite with their associates to be highly untrustworthy.

At its best, to me, transhumanism sounds like a formula for developing a race of empty thoughtless narcissistic jerks, usurping real humanity. At its worst it could lead to unimaginable chaos… and I don’t have any doubt that the whole idea will implode on itself if allowed to go on, so you have been warned. Don’t be fooled by its apparent harmlessness. Remember, the ruling elite want a population reduction: Could this be their trump card..?

The ruling elite have already shown their untrustworthiness in the transhumanism agenda.

This for example has been shown through GMO. As I have said in earlier writing GMO and the future of food now put in the hands of a few greed-driven profit worshipping corporations has become a massive threat to life for both ecology and also human health through consumption of food with modified toxic genes. There is much data contradicting its safety claims from misrepresented science, while GM corporations have bought off politicians to give the okay, allowing GMO unhindered ‘progress.’

Farmers have been greatly exploited by corporations through patency and ownership of their GM modified seeds. The farmers now have to pay the corporations for these seeds, GM modified to produce no offspring so they have to keep coming up with the money for generation after generation of crop… This has caused so much social/political upheaval for the farmers (‘seeds of suicide’).

Don’t believe the PR propaganda machinery put out by the corporations, for example, there was a film recently made showing smiling happy ‘prosperous’ cotton seed farmers in Maharashtra India. It only attempts to mask the truth, that there have been a number of hot disputes centred on disproportionate royalty payouts in favour of the corporation. Some farmers such as those in Brazil managed to sue one corporation for a massive $2.2 billion over unfair royalty collection.

The costs of new GM seeds generation after generation plus herbicides that are no longer effective because of the pests’ adaptation and resistance have resulted in a poor yield which has led to bankruptcy for many farmers. Unable to cope with the endless cycle of debt coupled with despair and depression, many of these farmers have committed suicide.

GM corporations have failed to produce higher intrinsic yields. Some 20 odd years of biotechnology research and 13 of those out in the commercial field has shown to be an empty promise.

In summary

The transhumanism agenda may appear to some as a good idea in theory. I don’t doubt that there will be those eager to queue up for their cybernetic enhancements or nootropic drugs… but transhumanism is an idea for the mentally enslaved. As in the case of GMO it’s all a massive con and could in practice have disastrous consequences

A Human cloning researcher once said “We are going to become gods… If you don’t like it get off… If you are going to interfere with me becoming god we’ll have warfare.”

So is transhumanism really the greatest threat to humanity? -I don’t know, but it’s sure to be right up there with other great threats in the bracket of death, disease and famine…

Can it be stopped?

For the sake of the future of life and humanity somehow it has to be stopped. It’s not my intention to scare anybody and this is where you can get active: Spread the word warning every one of the dangers. Tell your family and friends about it, write to your MP and send emails or partitions for the banning of GMO… Write articles, blogs or get involved in discussions groups, whatever it takes.


By Paul A Philips

(Source:; June 27, 2016;