Many of you have heard me speak about the “underbelly” of the Free Energy World, this re-post from Peswiki is a prime example of some of the unsavory activities that go on. We find this one particularly interesting as the party in question has seemed to make it part of their life’s mission to trash and slander our family and the QEG (and many many other devices and inventors) for absolutely no reason.

We’ve always suspected that there are people who are paid lump sums to fly around the world just to write articles allegedly “proving” that no free energy device will ever work. Below is the full scoop from Sterling Allan of Peswiki.

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Nearly 1 million dollars was collected from ~240 investors for the promise of a huge return on investment, much of it spent on non-project, personal items, including a $6k cruise and $35,000 for “Philippines relief” for Typhoon Yolanda via Mark Dansie, which Mark said was “a few thousand dollars.”

By Sterling Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

It looks like the promising of a return on investment, without showing a clear overunity demonstrator is ending poorly for Zydro Energy Revolution, LLC in Chickasha, OK, USA.

That’s the buoyancy system that ever-skeptical, Mark Dansie, was half-way positive about back in 2012, and went to see several times, but which never demonstrated overunity to his satisfaction, though he did think it was a nice group of people who had pulled together the prototype that resembled something out of Willie Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.



Now, according to a Red Dirt Report (RDR, herafter, from the color of the dirt in that part of Oklahoma) published today, the FBI has gotten involved, obtaining bank records, emails, conducting interviews and even conducting a sting operation in the course of their investigation.

RDR reports (excerpts):

According to the affidavit, the advisor asked his client why it was taking so long to get the return. The client said Travis told them it would take time and to keep quiet, that if they talked the government would “take it away and take it over.”

One of the investors was told he would receive a quick, huge return on his investment, but after conveying the investment, for which he didn’t receive a copy of the contract, he was told it would take ten years.

After federal grand jury subpoenas, the FBI seized bank records for all of Travis’ accounts.

Those records showed an account was opened up in … May 19, 2010. From October 24, 2011 to January 7, 2014 the account deposits showed approximately $925,000 from numerous individuals and companies who are believed to be investors, the affidavit shows.

The ending balance on February 28, 2014 was $0.00

RDR gives a breakdown of some of those disbursements:

From January 12, 2012 to February 10, 2014 cash withdrawals totaled $373,366.65. From the monies received through signed withdrawal slips, approximately $127,500 in cash was deposited in the Revocable Living Trust account of Wayne and Sandra Travis. A total of $93,200 was transferred to other personal accounts belonging to the couple.

Bank records show $32,500 was wired for “Philippines relief”, other expenses for a cruise, trips out of state, medical expenses for family members, gifts or educational expenses for the family, a Buster Crabble Pool company in Chickasha, and even a sum total of $15,000 paid to Julie McNarama who is believed to Travis’ ex-wife. […]

The same previously mentioned cruise in 2011 was also listed as expenses totaling $6,721.68.

The $32,500 “wired for Philippines relief” is particularly interesting to us, since we know Mark Dansie received funds from Travis for Hurricane Yolanda. Mark told me today it was a few thousand dollars. That’s quite a few thousand dollars, unless Travis also was relaying relief via someone else.

Travis claimed to an under-cover FBI agent that he had 240 investors and the company was valued at $20 million.

The FBI seized computers, digital files, and electronic storage devices for computer forensic analysis. Agent Decker requested the court to seal those records to prevent the Travis’ from destroying evidence and fleeing, the affidavit shows.

Here’s my Skype dialogue with Mark from today: (typos corrected; times are MDT). Note, at the time of this dialogue, I was not aware that $32,500 was labeled “Philippines relief.” I knew that amount had been sent to the Philippines, but not that it had been thus labeled, which almost surely earmarks it for Mark.

[1:31:15 PM] Sterling D. Allan: Hi Mark,
It turns out that Wayne Travis of Zydro is under FBI investigation, and there are records of at least one payment going to you. [correction: not quite]
I’m curious when, how often, and how much you were paid by Wayne, and/or Zydro.[1:33:33 PM] Mark Dansie: I received some shares from Wayne as a gift after several visits. I believe it was under 1%. I never received any payments for my consulting wok other than airfares.
[1:35:13 PM] Mark Dansie: Wayne said there was quiet a demand for the shares and we had a bad typhoon hit here. I had no idea what the shares were worth but asked if he could sell half so I could assist the families over here and help with some other bills.
[1:35:47 PM] Mark Dansie: I believe he sold about half of what I had and issued a new certificate to me.[1:35:26 PM] Sterling D. Allan: Did you ever see it “working” to your satisfaction, per claim?

[1:37:14 PM] Mark Dansie: The answer is No; although on one trip (my first ) it did appear to maintain the pressures. I visited on three occasions and was always promised a Proof of Concept to review in the following weeks.
[1:37:47 PM] Mark Dansie: I also had requested that he did not use my name or any quotes of mine out of context for promoting the device.
[1:38:36 PM] Mark Dansie: I also arranged and introduced other people to go and assess the project including [our mutual friend] Jim and we all advised that he needed to have a working proof of concept.
[1:40:04 PM] Mark Dansie: I did however find Wayne to be a very decent person and met with some of his engineers. One engineer I met was very convinced and so were many other qualified people. However as I pointed out I was not qualified on commenting on their calculations.
[1:42:03 PM] Mark Dansie: At the time of selling my shares to assist over here I was told like everyone else a big investor was about to buy into the company and the shares were going to be worth a lot of money. I was also like everyone else told it was a working project, but had not myself seen a working proof of concept
[1:42:22 PM] Mark Dansie: That met my standard challenge of self running for a couple of days.
[1:42:45 PM] Mark Dansie: When I wrote about this project I focused more on the human story of a community coming together
[1:42:54 PM] Mark Dansie: You can quote me on that.
[1:43:15 PM] Mark Dansie: I think I visited three times over a 2 year period.
[1:46:11 PM] Mark Dansie: Wayne had a lot of people more qualified than myself claiming it worked I only saw promise on the first visits where it did maintain pressure, but the test was too short. On all my other visits I never did get to see a test that was what I would called a verification, but was promised I would be invited back to see one.
[1:47:26 PM] Mark Dansie: I wrote several emails along with Jim and others regarding the need for a proof of concept running rather than just spreadsheet calculations.
[1:49:09 PM] Mark Dansie: I think I still have half of one percent shares in the company which, as mentioned, was given as a gift not for services rendered. I would not accept any payments for reviewing the technology only travel expenses.

[1:49:08 PM] Sterling D. Allan: Is it okay if I publish your responses here (edited)?

[1:50:38 PM] Mark Dansie: Yes that is fine but not out of context. I want to make it clear that I had never seen a proof of concept running that could be defined as a validation, rather that there could be some potential.
[1:50:50 PM | Edited 1:51:03 PM] Sterling D. Allan: that’s my recollection of your position as well.
[1:52:17 PM] Mark Dansie: Also the payment I received was the sale of some shares that was gifted to me, and I did so at a time when it was made clear that a big investor was about to come in and take over. I wanted the funds to assist family, friends and others at the times from the destruction of the typhoon Yolanda.
[1:53:08 PM] Mark Dansie: The share was not a fee for service. It was a gift that came at least 12 months later, after my first visit.

[1:53:53 PM] Sterling D. Allan: About how much was the gift?

[1:54:08 PM] Mark Dansie: He was given a very stern warning about using my name to promote the technology especially out of context quotes.

[1:55:05 PM] Sterling D. Allan: I’ve never known him to use your name to promote.
[1:56:15 PM] Sterling D. Allan: About how much was the gift?

[1:58:07 PM] Mark Dansie: The gift its was less tahn1% of the company as a share; not cash. I had no idea what the value was. Wayne then sold half of that 1% at whatever the current price he valued at it was as there was demand for the shares. I just asked him to liquidate it so I could help out the people here. I cant recall how much exactly as it was in dribs and drabs but it was a few thousand dollars.
[1:59:29 PM] Mark Dansie: I actually consulted a few people at the time to see if this was an ethical thing to do and no one had any issue with it. I was simply selling a share in something that was given to me.
[2:01:01 PM] Mark Dansie: Hope this all helps. I think Wayne is a genuine person but like many others we have seen is perhaps misguided by their own (and in this case others) analysis of what happened.
[2:01:16 PM] Mark Dansie: Or what hey were seeing.

[2:01:37 PM] Sterling D. Allan: yes, helpful. thx

[2:03:30 PM] Mark Dansie: I never changed my views or what I publically claimed about the technology even after receiving the share. In fact I always claimed I had never verified it but it could have some potential but a POC was needed which I pushed for on many occasions

[2:05:48 PM] Sterling D. Allan: POC=?

[2:07:18 PM] Mark Dansie: proof of concept I.E a working device that can be measured to support the claim. He had several working devices but they were not at the time of my inspections self running in a sense that all the inputs and outputs could be measured and accounted for.
[2:07:59 PM] Mark Dansie: I was always told they did have them self running at times but never when I was there did any of the devices run long enough to account for the inputs.
[2:08:50 PM] Mark Dansie: I gave a lot of advice what would be required to measure or show a validation.
[2:10:07 PM] Mark Dansie: Some of the trips there I paid for. The first one he paid my airfares but no fees.

[2:11:01 PM] Sterling D. Allan: “but no fees.”
were there ever any fees paid?

[2:11:10 PM] Mark Dansie: I received an email from Wayne along with all the other people involved a couple of days ago regarding this but have no other news.
[2:12:53 PM] Mark Dansie: No I never received any fees , like I said just some travel expenses. The share was given as a gift at a latter date. It was not as a fee for service, as I made it very clear. He said he liked me and wanted me to be part of it.
[2:14:04 PM] Mark Dansie: I cant see to find much news on the web about this I feel sad for them all, and of course I am still a very small share holder.

[2:16:28 PM] Sterling D. Allan: I was contacted by a reporter, and, per your permission, have been relaying what you’ve said to her; which hopefully will help clear things up.

[2:16:45 PM] Mark Dansie: Hopefully
[2:17:59 PM] Mark Dansie: But make it clear I never validated the technology. I did state once that if validated it could replace wind and solar as a primary source or alternative energy. However I never saw it validated in my visits
[2:18:34 PM] Sterling D. Allan: that’s my understanding of your reporting as well; as we have stated at PESWiki from years ago.
[2:21:33 PM] Mark Dansie: just make sure the journalist gets three things clear. I never validated the technology. I never received any fees other than travel costs and the share was a gift unsolicited and partially liquidated at a time when I and everyone else was of the understanding the company was having a big investor come in. The sale was to raise funds for people in need here after the Yolanda typhoon