CNN Leaks, Celebrities Joke About Assassinating Trump, More Pedophile Arrests, Dutch Banking Whistleblower Exposed Elite and More on Real Speaks Current Events News Show

In the debut of our new weekly current events show “Real Speaks” we had so much to cover we broke it up into two parts! This Real Speaks we discuss the new Veritas videos and CNN leaking Fake news about Russia and Trump.
The looming civil war in America and anti-trump protestors, including actors who are threatening to assassinate Trump and witches casting spells on Trump.

We talk about Katy Perry at the Illuminati Glastonbury Festival, Johnny Depp and Memphis Three Satanic Rituals and why the Deep state is targeting Trump Liz Crokin Interview on SGT.

Plus theres more major pedophile arrests in hollywood, updates on the pizzagate shooter and a new interview out by Dutch Banking Whistleblower Ronald Bernard who exposes that banks of the world are run by Satanists who perform child sacrifice.

Tivon rounds out the show by giving us an update on crypto currencies and we discuss if Bitcoin is the “mark of the beast”

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Real Speaks is a Youtube show and podcast that is a weekly summation of current events that centers around politics, end times, ancient history, new world order agenda, global shifts, supernatural and fallen angels, and alternative news coverage. The hosts Naima and Tivon are both Christians and intend to weave a biblical understanding into the show. However, the content is not focused on being a ministry or bible study, but rather an honest reporting and perspective of what is happening in our world intended for a mixed audience.

The Real Speaks Current Events show airs on Youtube every Wednesday night with a collection of some of the most diabolical stories that happened in the news that week.


Links from the show:

Big Story: CNN Fake News Trump and Russia

Veritas Video

Trumps Tweet Response

CNN Retracts Article

CNN Resignations after retracted article

CNN Faced $100 Millon Lawsuit over botched Russia Stor


Anti Trump Insanity Civil War in America?

Anti Trump Hate Map:

Madonna Blowing up the white house speech

Jim Carey has a dream that he clubbed the president to death.
SGT Report

Kathy Griffin says her career is over after Gory Trump Photo

Johnny Depp jokes about assassinating Trump

Johnny Depp is Finished! Look what just went viral!

The Glastonbury Festival Katy Perry Illuminati
Call for an uprising

Johnny Depp involvement in Memphis three satanic ritual murderer release from prison
Call for an uprising

Witches cast spells on Trump:

Video clip: 10:24


Finance and Pedophiles:

THIS is WHY the Deep State is Targeting Trump — Liz Crokin

Stories about pedophile arrests since Trump got into office

The latest: 238 arrested in major Hollywood pedophile ring bust

Checking in with Pizzagate:

Edgar Maddison Welch IMBD

Dutch Banking Whistleblower Ronald Bernard  the crimes of the elite. SGT Report

Real Big Power: Revelations by insider Ronald Bernard-part 2

Cryptocurrency News

Europe’s Second Largest Port Launches Blockchain Logistics Pilot (Coindesk)-

First restaurant in Russian Capital accepts payment in bitcoin (ZeroHedge) –

China’s Central Bank Vows to Push for Blockchain in 5 year plan (Coindesk) –


share-medium CNN Leaks, Celebrities Joke About Assassinating Trump, More Pedophile Arrests, Dutch Banking Whistleblower Exposed Elite and More on Real Speaks Current Events News Show

7 thoughts on “CNN Leaks, Celebrities Joke About Assassinating Trump, More Pedophile Arrests, Dutch Banking Whistleblower Exposed Elite and More on Real Speaks Current Events News Show

  • Skycladlilith SaintMartha
    June 30, 2017 at 11:03 pm

    I really have to say that I’m sadly disappointed about the way you lump all witches together in this podcast. Those of us who have been practicing witches for decades know very well that anything we send into the universe will return to us threefold. Therefore, only very STUPID witches–the ones whom REAL witches would much rather be called sorcerers because witchcraft is an ancient tradition whose main focuses are healing and empowerment– would cast damaging spells on anyone. Who wants to get that crap back times three? Not me, for sure. Very disappointed in your attitude about witches. VERY!

  • Skycladlilith SaintMartha
    June 30, 2017 at 11:08 pm

    BTW, every president we’ve had in my lifetime of 59 years has had public death threats made against them. Tricky Dick was on a LOT of hit lists and so were Reagan and Carter (for totally different reasons, of course). Just sayin’…

  • Skycladlilith SaintMartha
    June 30, 2017 at 11:12 pm

    We are not only afraid of our government–we are TERRIFIED! Our military forces are being used domestically (which is illegal) to harass and lock up ordinary citizens. Our police forces have been militarized to the point where simply getting stopped for a traffic could very well be fatal for the driver. And those are just two examples. Homeland Security can LEGALLY pick up anyone they want and hold us forever without any lawyers or allowing us to make phone calls. What –I– want to know is why it has taken so damned long for more people to start noticing these things. I’ve been hoping for the complete dissolution of this government for decades myself.

  • Skycladlilith SaintMartha
    June 30, 2017 at 11:26 pm

    LOL The folks at Thrive and New Earth Project have been telling us about ritual child murders, how all our money is fake, and that there is a Ruling Cabal which owns and controls all the governments on this planet. If you’ve never seem the Thrive movie, I highly recommend it 🙂 It addresses most of the topics you’ve brought up in the 2nd part of this podcast.

  • Naima Dawn Feagin
    July 1, 2017 at 8:39 pm

    Sky I was a “Wicca Witch” for 13 years. Belonged to different covens, read all the books, and lived in the witch capital of the world: Salem Massachusetts. I was not intending to lump all witches together, I was only reporting on the news that there are groups of witches that are continuously casting spells against the president to reflect the climate of division that is occuring in America right now. Its hard to report on controversial topics without someone somewhere getting offended, even though I do not intend to offend.

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