Month: June 2016

Stroke patients able to walk again after stem cell transplant

The results of a small clinical trial offer hope for people left with motor impairment following a stroke, after finding that an injection of adult stem cells into the brain restored motor function for such individuals, to the extent that some patients regained the ability to walk. Researchers found that injecting SB623 stem cells into stroke-damaged brain areas restored motor function for patients. Lead study author Dr. Gary Steinberg, professor and chair of neurology at Stanford University School of Medicine in Palo Alto, CA, and colleagues publish their findings in the journal Stroke. While the trial only included a...

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Facebook officially lied about not listening to your phone calls

Facebook has shut down rumors that it uses your mobile device’s microphone to eavesdrop on conversations so it can better target ads. In a statement issued on June 2nd, Facebook said it “does not use your phone’s microphone to inform ads or to change what you see in News Feed.” The company says it only shows ads based on people’s interests and other profile information. Facebook is responding directly to claims made by Kelli Burns, a professor of mass communications at University of South Florida. Burns told The Independentthis week that she thought the company was secretly listening to its users’ conversations, but had...

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Resistance to vaccine medical tyranny growing in the United States as VAXXED film gains wider audience

It has been nearly two years since a top scientist at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) came forward as a whistleblower, revealing fraud in a top published research paper that has been used to refute any connection between vaccines and autism. The mainstream media, controlled by Big Pharma advertising, ignored this story, and hoped it would fade away quietly. Likewise, members of Congress, for the most part, have not taken action in the public’s best interest and called hearings about the alleged fraud. In spite of the fact that Dr. William Thompson supplied documents and an affidavit to...

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New artificial intelligence can tell stories based on photos

Artificial intelligence may one day embrace the meaning of the expression “A picture is worth a thousand words,” as scientists are now teaching programs to describe images as humans would. Someday, computers may even be able to explain what is happening in videos just as people can, the researchers said in a new study. Computers have grown increasingly better at recognizing faces and other items within images. Recently, these advances have led to image captioning tools that generate literal descriptions of images. Now, scientists at Microsoft Research and their colleagues are developing a system that can automatically describe a...

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Monsanto must pay $46.5 million in damages in PCB-Lymphoma Case

The EPA banned PCBs in 1979 Last week, a St. Louis Circuit Court jury awarded $46.5 million to 3 plaintiffs who alleged that PCBs made by Monsanto caused cancer. The plaintiffs alleged in the suit that Monsanto and the other defendants – Solutia, Pharmacia, and Pfizer – were negligent in their handling of PCBs. PCB stands for polychlorinated biphenyls, a highly toxic and carcinogenic group of chemicals. Decades ago, PCBs were used in many different products, including electrical equipment, surface coatings, inks, adhesives, flame-retardants, and paints. Before morphing into the agritech giant it is today, Monsanto was the sole manufacturer...

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