Month: May 2016

FTW Giving Report May 2016

Each Month FTW is able to give back to help others because of the support of those who follow our work. We are happy to share the stories of those we helped with you here in our monthly giving report. FTW Helped Suy order a solar home system A reliable person, Suy is a 56-year-old farmer living and working in Kampong Chhnang Province. He is a beloved father of four children. Three of his four children are still in his care while the other one is married. His wife is also farmer. They both try hard to improve their...

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Venezuela shows us what an electricity shortage looks like

The SHTF might be a lot more subtle than an EMP or a massive natural disaster. We preppers tend to think in black and white, but there are some gray threats out there that few are considering. What if, instead of a total power outage, our country suffered a serious electricity shortage? That’s exactly what has been going on in Venezuela, since they don’t have enough problems running out of food and other supplies in a previous development of the excruciating economic collapse of the country. In the latest installment of collapse propaganda, bus-driver-turned-Venezuelan-President Nicholas Maduro offered some beauty advice....

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Researchers link compulsive Facebook checking to lack of sleep

If you find yourself toggling over to look at Facebook several dozen times a day, it’s not necessarily because the experience of being on social media is so wonderful. It may be a sign that you’re not getting enough sleep. In a recently completed study, researchers at the University of California, Irvine demonstrated that lack of sleep — in addition to affecting busy college students’ moods and productivity — leads to more frequent online activities such as browsing Facebook. “When you get less sleep, you’re more prone to distraction,” said lead researcher Gloria Mark, a UCI informatics professor. “If...

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The magic baking soda: things you didn’t know baking soda could do

Sodium bicarbonate is white and often appears as a fine powder. It has a slightly salty, alkaline taste that is composed of sodium and bicarbonate ions. It was first discovered in Berlin at the College of Medicine in 1800, by two employees. Baking soda was first utilized in the United States during colonial times. It was imported from Europe until the United States began producing it themselves, in 1839. The Magic Baking Soda: Things You Didn’t Know Baking Soda Could Do 1. Bee stings When bees or wasps sting a person, they inject venom through their stinger into the...

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Falsified drug studies led to millions of children receiving dangerous antidepressants

In 2001, the pharmaceutical company SmithKline Beecham (now GlaxoSmithKline) published a trial known as Study 329, which claimed that the drug paroxetine – known as Paxil or Seroxat – was “generally well tolerated” and that it helped cure depression in children and adolescents. This led to some two million youngsters being prescribed the pill in the next year alone. But the study ignored the fact that the drug may cause serious side effects, including suicide. Re-analysis of Study 329 by a team of independent researchers showed the drug was no more effective than a placebo, and that the risk of...

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