Josh Sigurdson reports on the global digital ID system being forced into place by governments and corporations as the economies of the world collapse and the technocratic marxist system known as the Great Reset is brought in as the “solution” to the problems the tyrants caused in the first place.

In this video, we break down the latest news out of the European Union as the EU parliament passes new climate extortion laws forcing Europeans to pay for carbon. One step closer to a full fledged carbon credit system.

Meanwhile, countless corporations are creating a new digital ID program which we have been warning of for over a decade.

This all comes in the aftermath of things like the Patriot Act and more. New Zealand is utilizing the same kind of tyranny to get people to snitch on each other and report their neighbors and friends as “terrorists.”

At the same time, the psychopathic globalists worldwide are forcing the world into a “dark winter” with the collapse of the grid, supply chain, housing markets and economies. In the face of this, they’re bringing about a transhumanist, technocratic system called the “15 Minute City” project which we’ve reported on previously.

If ever there was a time to get prepared, it’s now.

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