Most orgonite is made from epoxy resin, which is defined as a thermoplastic. Most consumer items that you have today are a form of thermoplastic. These are plastics that are initially in liquid form and you have to put them into a mold of some kind, either injection mold or just pour it into a mold or vacuum formed molds.

Examples of common household items that use epoxy are your cell phone case, or laptop or many kitchen appliances. It’s a very common thing. This is the same epoxy used in the orgonite. All of your consumer devices are made from this. If it’s toxic, then everything that you have including your computer or a laptop is also toxic. But epoxy is not toxic.

For example, during the production or the making of the orgonite piece or of the computer casing it has a plastic shell around it. That phase could be toxic because when your combining it with a catalyst, or another liquid that hardens this liquid plastic, fumes are emitted. This lasts for about 20 minutes while the plastic begins to set. After this it is permanently sealed and the fumes no longer are emitted from the composite and it is no longer toxic.  In orgonite making, the fumes can be generated during the production process so you always want to make orgonite in a ventilated area where the air is always moving through. But after that catalytic process is ceased, then it’s not toxic.

In the following Video Hope and Tivon from Fix the World Morocco answer this question:

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