Orgone pyramids have a specific purpose. There’s a reason why it’s shaped like this, it functions to stray fields from the environment and convert them into beneficial energy. The reason why they’re shaped in the pyramid form is because they have special electrical properties. In this pyramid shape, all kinds of fields and electrical charges tend to interact on the apex. The field that’s omitted from orgone pyramids is in this form; you can imagine a column of ions coming out from the tip up into the atmosphere or into your environment.


Tip: Have four pyramids to form a grid for your property.


The reason for the above tip is because if you’re in an area that has a lot of air pollution or a lot of chemtrail activity; by having the grid you’re able to break up that chemtrail activity not only above your home, but also in the neighborhood.


Four pyramids emit soft electrons and negative ions into your local environment, which has beneficial properties and also clears up some of the harmful effects of the wireless energy that’s in your home that you can’t avoid. This might include your wireless router on or while you’re working on your desktop.

In the following Video Hope and Tivon from Fix the World Morocco answer this question:

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