There are several things you can do; one obvious solution is to have orgonite around your home and the more the better.

Before diving deeper into that list, there’s some other things that you should consider when dealing with the harmful effects of wireless technology like 5G. A key one is the energy coming from the cell phone towers, from your neighbors and other sources that you have no control over. You want to provide a barrier of protection from that.


These are 3 solutions to dramatically reduce the amount of energy coming from outside of your environment:


  • In your home have metal screens on your windows or in your doorways. This minimizes the amount of RF energy coming into your home.


  • You can make changes with the electrical power grid that’s running through your house, this also carries these signals as well in the form of what is called dirty electricity.You can purchase something called Emi filters. These filters work by plugging it into your wall socket and it has another socket on it itself so that you can connect your devices to it. It filters or removes the high frequency spikes that is traveling on your power line. It’s the spikes that causes these harmful effects to your body.


  • Purchase RF shielding paints that you can buy online. You can paint your walls with these; this type of paint can block any incoming radiation that goes through the wall.


When you go to sleep at night always turn off any kind of wireless technology; your routers, television, computer, your mobile phone. In regards to mobile phones, you should definitely put it on air plane mode or remove the battery at night. In doing so you have removed the immediate sources of wireless technology in your home that would also keep you awake.


If you’ve taken all those things into consideration, it’s always good to have orgonite around your home, inside and outside the home.

In the following Video Hope and Tivon from Fix the World Morocco answer this question:

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