Re-Launch of Forbidden Tech. Sites Back Up.

Some really weird things happened right after we launched this new book. Our sites went down and we just spent the last few days rebuilding a whole new site from scratch.  Gee… I guess when we said “They don’t want you to know about this” we weren’t kidding huh? The new site is up and running and ready to go! We apologize for the wait.

If you haven’t already gotten the Free Forbidden Tech digital download you can do so by clicking here. Why not check out the audiobook, video course or membership area?  We’ve already been getting rave reviews about the book!

We’ve made this short video to tell you all about it!

hope-tivon-second-video Re-Launch of Forbidden Tech. Sites Back Up.

“Forbidden Tech: The Complete Guide to Energy, Social, and Biological Technologies That They Did Not Want You To Know About”

The main benefits of Forbidden Tech:

  • Protect yourself and your family from harmful technologies like EMFs, Wi-Fi and more
  • Learn how to detox yourself from the effects of things like chemtrails, GMO’s and RFID chips
  • Stop electronic harassment, stalking and surveillance, and V2K
  • Stop cyberterrorism and online bullying of yourself, your business or your children
  • Find out why we do not yet have certain technologies that would improve our lives
  • Discover the cause of so many different health effects caused by technology and what you can do about them.


For those who follow my blog, you’ll know that my family has been involved in a free energy project for the last few years. We have seen a lot and learned a lot in this time.  Also, Tivon who is a former Navy Technician living in the UK for 9 years became a targeted individual and suffered from Gangstalking, electronic harassment and V2K technology. We’ve  put our testimonies out there about our experiences and have had a lot of people contact us asking for more information. It was our combined effort to put together all of the information we’ve learned so that we can help other people who have similar experiences.

You can watch the launch video for Forbidden Tech here:

In fact, we feel this information is so important that we’ve decided to give away a condensed version of the book in an instant access digital download, just so you can see for yourself how explosive some of this information is. All we ask is for you’re email address by clicking on the link below, and we will send our Forbidden Tech download which is a 60 page condensed version of our book, right to your inbox.


We have also created an Audiobook and Video Course and Membership area!  You can learn more about those, and also listen to samples of the audiobook and video course by clicking here:


share-medium Re-Launch of Forbidden Tech. Sites Back Up.

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