Yelm, Ramtha, WITTS and a Galactic Historian in the QEG Chronicles

This chapter opens up in Chefchaouen Morocco, as Hope writes a letter to a friend recalling how the idea of the free energy generator came to be through the meeting of some “Black OP” engineers. WITTS is a group of builders that have been working on free energy devices for quite some time. Hope tells how she meets them and learns about their free energy devices while staying with a wealthy friend in Yelm, Washington State USA.

While in Yelm, Hope is surrounded by members from a culty new age community called the Ramtha school of enlightenment . Here we learn about some of the strange new age beliefs practiced by billionaires and a galactic historian who claimed to have access to Akashic records of billions of worlds.

The QEG Chronicles is the wild, bizarre and entertaining tale of a family that builds a free energy device, then gives the plans away on the internet and travels around the world helping others to build their own electricity generators.  This autobiographical story, told from the perspective of “HopeGirl”, brings us through the hidden alleys of the big energy tycoons, the internet trolling cyber sphere, crop circles, alien agenda’s, new age gurus, sexual honey pot escapades, and  so much more.

Over 4,000 people have downloaded and read this book. It is available in pdf format with lots of pictures, and a very popular audiobook narrated by HopeGirl that is filled with sound effects for a truly entertaining experience.  Many people read the whole book in one night and we’ve gotten great reviews. It’s funny, it’s heartwarming, it’s shocking, it’s fascinating and it’s based on a true story.

To mark the one year anniversary since the books release, we are relaunching the QEG Chronicles through a new promotional campaign.


QEG-Chronicles-free-audiobook-package Yelm, Ramtha, WITTS and a Galactic Historian in the QEG Chronicles

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