Hopes Defense….(not that I need one!)

Not that its really  necessary, but I thought I would “sum up” a defense statement of sorts that summarizes who I am and the work I do. This is meant to stand out there as a way to combat all the online mudslinging that’s been going around. But also it will inspire those who wish to see real change and progress.

We live in a time that I feel is “upside down”. People call evil good and call good evil. So much seems to be opposite to what it is portrayed as.  In situations like this the only thing that can really help you discern is to ignore most of what people say, pay attention to what people do or don’t do, and then measure their fruits. So to make it easier for anyone who wants to look into me or my business here’s a summary of the fruits we’ve accomplished over the last few years. I have provided links on each claim to back it up.

We opened a community center for the poor that service 200 women and children.
One of the activities just taught 20 illiterate women how to read and write.
We have managed to keep the community center OPEN and active for an entire year and look forward to many years in the future.
We have helped to fund over 120 individuals and groups all over the world for basic needs and business start ups.
We helped to raise funds for an orphanage in Africa where most of the children have AIDS.
We helped to raise funds for a shelter in Africa that helps stop sex trafficking.
We helped to raise funds to keep an alternative media network running.
We have also given funds privately to help out friends and family and people in need.
We manage TEN websites, Nine Email Addresses, multiple media platforms, and a mailing list with 10,000 people.
We have created 1,000’s of hours of videos filled with FREE educational material.
We have written Original Books, Reports, and High Quality documents to help pass on important suppressed engineering knowledge.
We are the only people that we know of that are openly building and open sourcing a free energy device in an effort to help people in need and change our future.
We have been responsibly and publicly reporting every part of our project without fail for 3 solid years.
We have let people into our lives through the filming of QEG real world, where we show you openly how we are working on our project.

Just the other day I saw a website that pulled up information on me from FOUR YEARS AGO, they decided to just omit the last four years of my life and hard work. It was done on purpose in an attempt to make the public believe that we have “just gone away”.  We have so much propaganda online right now,  and Facebook and YouTube are deliberately flooding the people with nonsense, so updates and stories from people like us never get seen. However,  if you just go to my websites and sign up you’ll know exactly what we’ve been up to and you’ll see we’ve been very busy accomplishing amazing things.

I’ve noticed that all the “armchair critics” out there are the ones doing all the accusing while they do absolutely nothing to help anyone else. Just this past week I was recollecting a whole series of people I used to know that talked really big, thought they were “all that and a bag of chips” and then just blipped off into oblivion with nothing to show for it.

As I said in my post Here:

Show me a group of kids that you saved from starving to death… show me something positive that you did to help someone other than yourself, and then you’ll have my respect. SHOW YOUR WORK. PROVE YOUR WORTH. Until then, you get nothing. I don’t believe you anymore.

There are two kinds of people in this world: Those that create and those that destroy. I chose creation. I choose life. The rest of the redrick is only meant to destroy and I’ll have none of it in my space.

I would rather dive in to life head first, and take the blows, take the risks, and put up with the attacks and accusations, if it means that I can also achieve the successes.  Because to sit and do nothing, and then spend your time trying to stop the few people who are actually doing something… we’ll that to me is death and I choose life.

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One thought on “Hopes Defense….(not that I need one!)

  • October 4, 2016 at 7:31 pm

    around here you need an armor suit to deflect the attacks by those you don’t agree with , but who care better a bitter truth than a sweet lie , like it or not as long as you know you have done your job , you only have to answer to a higher and divine entity……

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