Crowdfunding Gone Wrong: New “Real Speaks” Commentary on the Ken O’Keefe $115,000 Debacle

In the first “Real Speaks” in over a year, Tivon and Hope do an in depth commentary on the latest Ken O’Keefe interview with Richie Allen.

Ken O’Keefe raised $115,000 in a crowdfunding campaign for his “World Citizen Solution” initiative. Recently Ken’s entire team including Max Igan accused Ken of being a fraud, claiming that he was running a pyramid scheme that would have funneled millions of dollars into Kens account, meanwhile Ken would be safe in Dominica where there is non-extradition.

Many people were willing to give Ken a chance to be heard, but when he comes out flinging insults and acting like a bully…as Richie would say “It’s not looking too good for you Ken”.

This “Real Speak” contains large portions of the original interview by Richie Allan and Ken O’Keefe for commentary purposes.  Tivon and I point out how many of the tactics used in this conversation fall in line with COINTEL pro behaviors of diversion, psychological projection and more.

While this is a long one (just over 2 hours), be sure to hang in there for the last 20 minutes which are the best of the entire program. This is where Ken gets called out and asked to publish his accounts to show where he spent the money.

Reference Links for this Real Speaks

Link to Original Interview with Richie Allen and Ken O’Keefe:

Link to Interview with Max Igan and Richie Allen:

Link to crowdfunding presentation on “No Holding Back Show: How to spot a Crowdfunding Scam”

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