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I just have to put this perspective out there, even if it makes some people a bit uncomfortable. Right now I’ve got so many disclosures, scandals, and disinformation campaigns flying across my desk as my friend Biggi would say “I’m having kittens!”  One explosive pile of data after another is being posted in some of the inner alternative news circles I’m a part of. Most of us are all watching quietly and waiting to see where it all leads to see what’s true and what’s a psy-op cover up.

I’m talking about the Zen Gardner lynch mobs, the secret groups of “unfucker” haters online that think they are secret but really aren’t (I cringe at just writing that name… apologies to my readers), the disgruntled radio show hosts that one minute seem fine then the next minute turn into sleeper cells of slander gone nuclear cutting off the hands that fed them, the Ken O’Keefe’s of the world copping a ‘tude and taking off with the cash, the Bali “frooging” party resorts for the children of the elite paid for by the blood and sweat of disgruntled volunteers and black credit cards, the latest spin from the FBI trolling operation known as “Gordon Duff” (not his real name) Ca$he/Keshe and their 70,000 strong pedophile ring that was actually set up and owned by the FBI. Or was it 100,000 ninja’s? oops I think that was Benjamin Full-of-it-ford.   But I digress…

There’s oh so much sensationalism, and oh so many lies… that’s for sure. But right now I want to give you the perspective of someone like myself. So I ask that you please hear me out.

Together with my family we run a little organization called Fix the World. We have a community center that services over 200 poor people, we just taught 20 women how to read and write, we help people who are sick and in need of medical supplies who can’t afford them and so much more. Then we work tirelessly to build a free energy device so that we can get electricity to people who live in remote areas and don’t have any. A few months back we were trying to assist as many as 600 people, stranded migrants who were living in the forest under plastic tents freezing to death on the Ceuta border.  We have helped to fund over 115 people and groups in other countries in need by giving a measly 10% of our income faithfully every month as part of our “alchemy of giving” policy. We even helped to fund an orphanage in Africa, not because we had money for it… but because I spent tons of my time putting together media in order to raise awareness so that people could find out about it and help.

To do this we barely get by. We all work many hours per week. I’ve tried so hard to get content out there to communicate to audiences who care, and there is so much work that has to go into doing this just to have a chance to be heard.  It is a handful of kind hearted people and tons and tons of prayer and a strong belief in God that sustains us and helps us to keep doing this work. And we are slowly and surely making a real difference.  Blog posts with the latest news and updates go out almost every day from both our websites. Every time we ever do a public crowdfunding campaign we are completely transparent in showing just where the money is spent and reporting back to the public who helped us. We have a healthy sense of accountability and transparency. We do what we say. I make sure we keep reporting to the public, we don’t ever disappear. I put my face on a live show as often as I can just to ensure everyone that we are still here, working hard for the people. We’ve even brought everyone into our lab and home through our QEG real world show so everyone can see the work that we are doing.

Unfortunately people like me (and oh so many others) get completely drowned out by the well-funded propaganda mobs I mentioned above.  The ones who make a big public splash and then disappear into secret groups and secluded tropical islands. While people like me (and oh so many others) are trying to tell folks about real change and real progress done on shoestring budgets, the audience is getting machine gunned with things like “the mandella effect” or “flat earth”… and the great new age “repeaters”.

So when people like us (and oh so many others) are struggling for months or even years to find a few hundred or a few thousand dollars to fund something we need to make a project happen for those that need help…

Just how do you think we feel when we see imposters getting funded up to $100K for some vague fancy worded initiative, to then only take the money and go run off to their own little private retreat in some tropical location?  It happened AT LEAST TWICE THIS YEAR, (ITNJ and WCS) and the little folks like us (and oh so many others) had to watch this all go down.

The worst part is, this has all been done under the false premise of “humanity”. These people are NOT real humanitarians.They use the humanitarian theme as a cover to seduce people into supporting them. I don’t see them rolling up their sleeves and helping anybody.

I’ll be honest. It’s a slap in the face. It stings. One friend of mine (and oh so many others) who had the best intentions and was one of the crowd funders that was taken advantage of says “it makes him sick”.   I was finished with following the empty promises of charismatic internet speakers a couple of years ago. Fancy speeches, fancy graphics and view counts don’t impress me. Show me a group of kids that you saved from starving to death… show me something positive that you did to help someone other than yourself, and then you’ll have my respect. SHOW YOUR WORK. PROVE YOUR WORTH. Until then, you get nothing. I don’t believe you anymore.

We live and we learn. And hopefully we can find a small handful of people whom we still feel we can trust. I have. I have my God, my small family and a couple of friends and that’s all I need.

For what its worth, I tried, I really did. I tried to throw myself in front of the tracks and tell the freight train masses of followers to stop! Slow down! Don’t do it! Don’t listen! They are NOT your friends! Use discernment! I tried but very few people heard. They just kept throwing money and views at the latest circus act and said “stop bothering me with the facts”.  But for what its worth, at least I know I tried.

We live in a time of unprecedented deceit. Most of the gobbly gook you hear being spewed is nothing more than doctrines of demons. And no, the devil doesn’t look the way you think he will. Lucifer was the most beautiful Angel of them all… evil is disguised as “love and light”. It’s done on purpose so you would believe the lies and follow the piper off the cliff.

As for me and my family, we press on. We do the best we can with what little we have. And we have a whole lot of love for each other and our mission of helping those we can. We celebrate every little achievement… and over the course of the last 2 years those little achievements have been adding up. So I just want to make sure that people know that there’s little pockets of progress like ours (and oh so many others) that are making monumental strides with very little. There still is good out there in this world. We just aren’t so loud about it all the time. Kindness, goodness and the voice of God speaks in a soft whisper. You have to stop freaking out in order to hear it.

Hopefully one day soon the imbalance will get corrected like the top-siding of an overturned ship. And the sensationalist liars and deceivers that peddle sweet nothing words and rotten fruit will get ignored, and those that put forth such tremendous effort to make real change happen will get the support they need.

Note: The above is a photo I took in one of the homes of the many groups of children that we were able to help at our community center in Morocco.

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  • August 30, 2016 at 7:36 pm

    An article or a perspective makes some uncomfortable.OMG,who are these people, the souls I have met on-line are so measured and calm in their discernment and would never judge…..NOT!..lol. Hope keep up the good work.

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