Why YouTube Sucks

Fed up with YouTube? Frustrated with your YouTube views? You need to read this! The YouTube empire has been completely taken over by the cabal, to become the 3rd arm in the Axis of information control evil.  (The other two arms being Google search engines and Facebook. See my write up about Facebook here.) Here is a thorough recollection of my own YouTube experience; perhaps it can help some other YouTubers out there to get some perspective.

My YouTube channel “HopeGirl Youtube” is about 5 years old, with 5K+ subscribers and a few hundred videos. Several months ago my channel hit a million views total. Our highest view count on a single video is around 250,000 views, this is for a video describing a free energy device called the QEG that my family is working on. I did not have an AdSense account on my channel for most of the time it’s been up. So any ads on there were generating money for someone else, and not me. I only just started with AdSense a few months ago.

About a year and a half ago, I started doing some intensive learning about SEO and online marketing. This is when I really started paying attention to my statistics on all my platforms. I’ve learned a lot, and I’ve also noticed that things really started to change in the last few months (for the worse!). What we are seeing on YouTube is the effects of a failing empire and cultural collapse.

Here are YouTubes major failures:

Rigged YouTube Recommended Algorithm

On the right hand side of every YouTube video you’ll see a “Recommended videos” column. What YouTube decides to put here for the user is based on an algorithm that YouTube controls and keeps hidden. You can type in all the keywords you want on your video’s but no one will ever be able to crack YouTube’s recommended algorithm. The next part of this twisted equation comes from digging into your YouTube analytics. This is a complex series of drill down stats that show you where your traffic comes from.   Up to 80% of traffic to your videos comes from YouTube recommendations. So what this means, is YouTube is controlling what people watch and what people don’t see. This really comes to light when you see the view counts on some of these monsters. Insane stupidity seems to get millions of hits, while valuable information eeks by in bitter obscurity. Part of this is the culture of our society, but the other part is that our society is being formed into this by media domination tools such as YouTube.

Domination of PsyOp Propaganda Videos

A “PsyOp” is an intelligence agency term for “psychological operation”. They are planned operations to convey selected information and indicators to audiences to influence their emotions, motives, and objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of governments, organizations, groups, and individuals. It is government sponsored terrorism, and YouTube is riddled with its propaganda.  Examples of the latest PsyOps on YouTube are: “Flat Earth Theory”, “Mandela Effect”, “Y2k”, “2012” … the list goes on. Anyone who is making YouTube videos around these topics is either:

  • 1: A paid shill who is fully aware of what they are doing to deceive and manipulate the public
  • 2: A “useful dupe” who falls for the deception and then promotes the propaganda to spread the operation without even knowing that they are doing it.

Somewhere there must be a room of government black ops psychologists who think up some of the asinine topics to shove down the public’s throats.  And they’re all laughing their tails off when they see the rhetoric that goes on around some of these things.

Thanks to some of the sane YouTubers out there, we do have some good info on this.

This is how YouTube controls the public mind through information, and it doesn’t take much. All they really need to do is to set up a couple of channels to push the narrative. For example, these three channels are what YouTube used to create the “Flat Earth PsyOp”:
Eric Dubay: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQArDd3ybp7wm37TTmKu9Wg
Jeranism : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCS_FY5mR4g22L_E9t1D_ExQ
John le Bon: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOtL7oTHwA_iZhFZeAGVcqA

These initial channels made very convincing videos that were just vague enough and just misleading enough to sound intriguing if not convincing to some. From there the PsyOp really took off, and hundreds of YouTubers were making videos promoting the propaganda. The origins of “Flat Earth” were made up by government paid psychologists who were targeting real truthers in an attempt to discredit them around disclosure for real issues like 9/11, vaccines, and Monsanto etc.

As a result, Google analytics showed a never seen before 600% rise in the search term “Flat Earth”. This is just one example of many different topics that poison the well.

What you need to know about Shill Networks and Astroturfing

Astroturfing is the practice of masking the sponsors of a message or organization (e.g., political, advertising, religious or public relations) to make it appear as though it originates from and is supported by a grassroots participant(s).  This is implemented by a network of shills, that live and breed in YouTube land.   They are getting so out of control it is nearly impossible to watch any video without encountering them.

Below is one example of what astroturfing can look like. YouTube has a ratings feature where people can click a thumbs up or thumbs down. Recently I posted a video debunking the “Mandela Effect” PsyOp. It was actually an excerpt from a longer video that had already been posted a few weeks earlier. However this video was SEO’d as an experiment to see if I could trigger the PsyOp astroturfing shill network…and it worked. The video has 300% more views than the original video. And check out the insane ratio of 73 thumbs down to 33 thumbs up! Does this mean that more people hate my guts than people who like my stuff? Not at all. It means I triggered the troll shill network and they targeted my video for astroturfing because it went against their agenda.

mandela-effect-astroturfing Why YouTube Sucks

Youtube Skews View Counts

Perhaps it’s one of the greatest mysteries of the universe, but how exactly does YouTube count your views?  Some traffic is legitimate, some is invalid, some comes from embed’s but you can’t count all of that only a percentage, until they change their methods at the annual YouTube meeting…I can’t seem to figure it out. What I have seen however is insane view rigging that can only be rivaled by that of the Federal Reserve printing press. Never suspect that a video “just suddenly went viral”. It’s planned. Every time.

What’s even more mysterious is that YouTube has managed to break the time space continuum and can now go backwards in time. By this I mean, I have watched them subtract view counts from many of my videos. One video “lost” 500 views in one day… just how the heck does that happen? But what will really get you rolling is something that happened to a fellow YouTuber friend of mine: he said he actually had NEGATIVE VIEWS on his video once, and then watched it magically bounce back up again.  Call Neo.. I think we just found a glitch in the matrix.

User can Inflate View Counts

Did you know that you could go to a website called Fiverr and pay people to inflate your YouTube views? They make promises like “real views guaranteed” and “will stay on permanently”. For about $5 you can get 100-500 views on a Youtube video. For $10 you can get up to 5,000 views on your video. And if you pay lots of different gigs on Fiverr, you can even get 100,000 or more views on your videos. But there’s more! You can also pay people to comment on your videos to make it look like you’ve got loads of adoring fans.

There’s also sites like “YouTube view sharing networks” that you can join to swap view counts with other YouTuber videos. The whole purpose of this is to increase your views, which is supposed to change your ranking in YouTube algorithm, which in turn can get your video more views from YouTube’ recommendations. Not to mention it’s a great way to stroke your bogus ego.

So with this in mind, how much credit do you give the view counts and comment sections on videos that you see on YouTube?

Copyright Gestapo Protects the Perp

YouTube has a copyright system that is completely corrupt. They have loads of instructional content on their site around their copyright rules and I spent months reading all of it to ensure that I followed everything correctly. I also am a creator of original content. I put a lot of work into some of my videos and have spent many hours in video filming and editing. There have been plenty of malicious YouTubers who have taken my original footage and duplicated it and put it up on their channels with edits made to lie about me and my work.  This happens to thousands of YouTubers and there is not a thing they can do about it to protect themselves. YouTube sides with the perpetrator and screws over the victim.

Here’s how this works:

If someone steals your work and puts it on their channel, you have to submit a copyright takedown request to YouTube. YouTube then reviews your request and will take down the offending video. If the perp does nothing it stays down. If they get three of these, then YouTube deletes their channel. However, if the perp submits a counterclaim and claims “Fair Use” then the victim has to spend tens of thousands of dollars bringing them to court in order to get them to remove the video. If you don’t do this within 7-10 days, YouTube puts the video back up. So your completely S.O.L. if you want to try to protect your hard work.

Oh but wait, I forgot to mention YouTube’s extremely deceptive “Content ID” system. Which according to YouTube’s site:

“Copyright owners can use a system called Content ID to easily identify and manage their content on YouTube.

Videos uploaded to YouTube are scanned against a database of files that have been submitted to us by content owners. Copyright owners get to decide what happens when content in a video on YouTube matches a work they own. When this happens, the video gets a Content ID claim.”

What YouTube fails to mention is that you need to be a massive video producer / Hollywood studio / or record company in order to qualify for Content ID protection.  I tried, I filled out the long form, I submitted 200 completely original videos to YouTube for Content ID protection. I did this as a legal business entity. They made me wait 5 months before getting back to me to tell me that I did not have enough videos to qualify for their Content ID program. Guess I’m not VIP enough for YouTube’s Gestapo to roll out the red carpet.

But there’s one final twist of the YouTube knife for YouTubers that legitimately want to protect their content from defamation.  If you try the methods suggested by YouTube to legitimately protect your work then you flag yourself to YouTube as “abusing their system”. You’ll get a note from YouTube saying:

“We are very concerned that your copyright notification may not be valid for some or all of the videos identified in your notification. Please keep in mind that in many countries, it is legal to use copyrighted works in specific ways without the owner’s authorization, particularly for transformative purposes such as news reporting, parody, commentary, or review.”

And if you pursue in trying to protect your work at this point, then YouTube will delete your channel without any warning. You’ll lose everything and never get it back.
Another note about “Fair Use”

Scumbag YouTubers claim “Fair Use” all the time, even though legally it isn’t fair use, but rather it is vicious cyberbullying that causes huge harm and loss to innocent people. Anyone with half a brain can tell that this is what these people are doing and it has NOTHING TO DO WITH PARODY COMMENTARY OR REVIEW. These people are cowards and bullies that are being used by psychopath controllers to cause as much damage as possible to our general population.  They ruin people’s lives and they cause children to commit suicide.

AdSense is either Payola or “make it up as they go”

AdSense is a google advertising platform that allows you to put ads on your videos and on your blogs.  Advertisers pay google to put ads out in front of people, and if you put those ads on your website and YouTube videos, then google gives you a small amount of that money. The amount they pay you is so varied and impossible to predict or plan for. It seems they change their calculations by the nano-second. However, most YouTube AdSense account holders get paid very little, about a couple hundred dollars a month for popular videos.  However, if your channel / content / or blog is promoting content that is part of a PsyOp agenda, then you get paid the big bucks to promote the propaganda.

Just how much? Well one blogger told his story about how he was “making a killing on ad revenue by writing new age articles”… then he shows pictures of the multimillion dollar house it bought him along with the fancy sports car in the driveway. He has since decided to stop writing new age articles and has become a born again christian. His ad revenue plummeted to almost zero, and he had to give up his house and car. This is just one example, but there are many like this.  YouTubers who are in on it make videos that fall in line with planned PsyOps, in turn they get rewarded with big Ad revenue dollars. But they can never tell you just how much, because if they did YouTube will delete their channel.

Then there’s the “make it up as you go method”. Just today I got a message from my AdSense account telling me that after they made me wait for months to get my payout, they decided to deduct $80 from my earned ad revenue and marked it as “invalid traffic”. Apparently posting your YouTube video on Facebook is considered invalid traffic?   So they just make up the rules and the amounts as they go along. Can you imagine if you had a job and every week your boss just decided to change your salary at whim?

The solution is Vimeo Premium and building your own SEO optimized platform

After all this, I found the best way to share content is with a Vimeo Premium Account. I paid $200 for the whole year and I’ve got bunches of bells and whistles and features. The best part is, I have legitimate stats and the ability to control and protect my work. I embed my videos into my websites and then SEO those pages and posts. I have come up with a way to measure this that I like to call:

The Vimeo YouTube Exchange Rate:
1 View on Vimeo = 100 Views on YouTube

Why? Because these are real people and real views around my content that give me the best conversion rate results that I’m looking for. You just can’t beat that rare thing of quality in an age of disinformation.


share-medium Why YouTube Sucks

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  • August 16, 2016 at 12:42 am

    Still works well for me. Of course, I’m always looking for something specific when I go there (specific songs or musicians and instructional videos mostly). I only have a handful of personal videos on there and they aren’t there to make money. I learned decades ago–mostly from Abbie Hoffman–that there is No Such Thing as “privacy” in this country, so I don’t even worry about that. I simply have a policy to not write or say anything (out loud) which I would hesitate to say in front of a judge or a cop 😉 I’m weird though and I know your situation is completely different. I wish you luck with the Vimeo and SEO stuff, honey. I’m sorry that YouTube has put you through so much crap 🙁

  • August 16, 2016 at 8:22 am

    Love this!

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