A Walk Through Leaked Top Secret JTRIG Documents (video)

The government pays people to infiltrate online blogs, forums, websites, radio shows and chat rooms to spread negative comments and discord in an attempt to discredit the information portrayed.  This video is a walk through of top secret documents leaked by Edward Snowden.  You can view the actual slides here. Covered in the slides are the many tactics that are used to manipulate the public as a means of psychological warfare.  If you’ve experienced any of this online, chances are its part of the JTRIG program.


Disclaimer: Please read this statement, written with love, that explains the sentiment behind any information that is posted on this blog or in our shows that exposes evil: HopeGirl Statement: Why I Cover Exposes. http://www.hopegirlblog.com/hopegirl-statement-why-i-cover-exposes/

share-medium A Walk Through Leaked Top Secret JTRIG Documents (video)
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