QEG 2016 Major Update! Where we are at with the QEG Project.

WATCH THIS SPECIAL REPORT HERE: (written copy of report is below)

Trust me, you do not want to miss this major update!  We’ve had a lot of big things happening with the QEG project in the last few months, a lot of which we were not able to talk freely about…. until now. For the last ten months we’ve had to sort of “lay low” to ensure the safety of our family. Now that we are all together again in Morocco, and out of danger, we are finally able to safely tell everyone exactly what’s been going on with the QEG project… and A LOT HAS HAPPENED.

In this report I  clarify all the QEG energy milestones in layman’s terms so that everyone can understand how we have demonstrated over unity, proven that we can convert the power, and explain how we will get the QEG to self running so that all QEG’s will come online at once all over the world.

I’m also disclosing some pretty heavy attempts of sabotage that we’ve had from the opposition as the QEG is the most heavily attacked free energy project on the planet, so we are naming names and showing screen shots.

This device is YOUR device. It belongs to the people, and it’s the closest we’ve ever been to having free energy accessible to everyone. We know you’ll want to inform yourself with the information in this video, as we are about to make history together.

The QEG has MORE POTENTIAL than any other energy project.

There is NO OTHER ENERGY PROJECT in existence that is like the QEG.

The QEG is open sourced, co-developed, grassroots, accessible to the average person and scaled large enough to power a home. It is truly THE PEOPLE’S free energy device and it has the ability to change everything.

The nature of the QEG project makes it one of the biggest threats to the oil industry. Because of this we receive more controlled opposition and suppression attacks than any other free energy device on the planet. The QEG is the highest targeted and most heavily trolled free energy project online.

This is because the QEG is the closest we’ve ever been to having free energy available to everyone


QEG is the REAL DEAL!!

100+ QEG’s are being built in over 40 countries (that we know of, could be more)

The QEG Academy personally works with 60+ groups and individuals who are building QEG’s worldwide

Highly skilled professionals from the following backgrounds are building QEG’s because they understand and see its potential:

nasa-builds-qeg QEG 2016 Major Update! Where we are at with the QEG Project.los-alamos-labs-builds-qeg QEG 2016 Major Update! Where we are at with the QEG Project.

lockheed-martin-builds-qeg QEG 2016 Major Update! Where we are at with the QEG Project.united-nations-builds-qeg QEG 2016 Major Update! Where we are at with the QEG Project.

We will never disclose anyone’s personal information so please don’t ask!


How does the QEG produce power?

The QEG creates a vibration to vibrate steel. This is called resonance.

When the steel vibrates this way, and is tuned to vibrate at the correct frequency it taps into the zero point field of energy and the power amplifies in a sudden and dramatic spike.

spikes-in-power QEG 2016 Major Update! Where we are at with the QEG Project.


How much power does the QEG provide?

QEG when tuned (our current level of power development) it provides 5,000 Watts or 5kW  which is enough to power an entire European home.

The QEG with more development to increase efficiency will provide 10,000 Watts or 10kW  which is enough to power an American (power wasting) home.

The QEG with even more development has the power output potential to provide 40,000 Watts or 40kW which is enough to power a strip mall or large office complex.

Outline of the Steps we have to go through to complete the QEG

  1. Tune the QEG to hit the sweet spot to increase the power
  2. Convert the power in the QEG into “useable” power
  3. Loop the excess power back in to run the motor that runs the machine


What is the QEG “Sweet Spot”

When you run the QEG at the correct frequency it taps into the  zero point field and amplifies the power. This is the same concept that happens when an opera singer hits the correct frequency and shatters a glass.

qeg-sweet-spot QEG 2016 Major Update! Where we are at with the QEG Project.


How did we find the QEG “Sweet spot” ?

James went through 20 different iterations, each one taking a lot of time and care to set up in order to find the correct setting to run the QEG  in order to tune it to the correct frequency and increase the power.

James found the sweet spot on the QEG in July of 2015


What Happened Next:

We needed an Oscilloscope (which costs between $2,000-$10,000 USD)

We did not have one.

We used to have one as one was gifted to our QEG project in 2014.  When we lost our home and relocated to Morocco, that donor took back the Oscilloscope they gifted to us. We were then in  Morocco, with the QEG, with no oscilloscope and very little money. We tried buying a used and cheap oscilloscope but it did not work properly.

An oscilloscope is an absolutely essential piece of equipment that is needed to measure electrical power.  Without one is like driving with a blindfold on. James could not go further physically on the QEG without the right equipment. To do so would be dangerous and might create an expensive mistake.

oscillescope QEG 2016 Major Update! Where we are at with the QEG Project.

We did the next thing we could at the time

We did not have the equipment needed to set up the full physical experiment to show everyone how to tune the QEG to hit the sweet spot and increase the power needed to complete the QEG.

So James passed on all his knowledge by open sourcing the tuning instructions, hopefully there was another team out there with the proper equipment that would be able to use these instructions to complete the QEG.

This was the big announcement that we made in July.


Did anyone complete their QEG using these instructions?

We don’t know. All we know is that someone with this knowledge and the right equipment can complete the QEG with this knowledge.

It is possible people completed their QEG’s and did not tell anyone because people do not feel safe announcing to the world that they have a free energy device in their possession.

However, when THIS family completes the QEG, we will open source everything to the people.

What happened next: The 3 hour FREE tuning video

James and Valerie flew back to the United States for family reasons (new grandchild) and to be closer to a manufacturing partner that could help them with some parts.

Several months later someone donated money to help us buy an oscilloscope.

James rebuilt the QEG again and used the oscilloscope to hit the sweet spot and increase the power.

He made a 3 hour tuning video that showed everything. It has been up on YouTube FREELY available.
The engineers started to get excited.

tuning-the-qeg QEG 2016 Major Update! Where we are at with the QEG Project.


Before tuning
1,000 Watts in to create 800 Watts out

After tuning

1,000 Watts in to create 5,000 Watts out (once converted)

This is what you get when you hit the sweet spot:
qeg-5000-watts QEG 2016 Major Update! Where we are at with the QEG Project.

Here is the post for that:
qeg-overunity-archive QEG 2016 Major Update! Where we are at with the QEG Project.


QEG produces power in measurements known as VARs.

VARs needs to be converted into Watts in order to be useable.

Oil Well Analogy:

Striking an oil well is finding raw power, once its processed it will be useable power in the form of gasoline. Most people understand that oil needs to be processed to be useable. It is the same with the QEG, which provides power in a raw form known as VARs which then need to be converted into useable power called Watts.

Skeptics depend on a common ignorance of basic electrical conversions and love to say that VARs isn’t “real power”. This is simply not true.

qeg-oil-well-analogy QEG 2016 Major Update! Where we are at with the QEG Project.


QEG Power conversion proof of concept:

There are at least 4 different ways to convert the power on the QEG.

Currently the fastest and cheapest way to do this (as we are under a lot of pressure to get this done fast) is to use a new piece of equipment called a bi-toroid transformer. (This cost between $1,000-$2,000 and needs to be custom made)

James proved the bi-toroid transformer will successfully convert the power from VARs to Watts by creating a simulation using a spare QEG core configured to operate in the same manner in which our custom made bi-toroid transformer would work. This was released in this video “QEG Power Conversion VARs to Watts.”

qeg-power-conversion-Vars-to-Watts-1 QEG 2016 Major Update! Where we are at with the QEG Project.

Once again another video with lots of views, and the engineers are getting excited.

Great News! Someone is making and donating a bi-toroid transformer to us!  It will be shipped to us very soon.

Here is a picture of our bi-toroid transformer in mid development:
qeg-bitoroid-transformer QEG 2016 Major Update! Where we are at with the QEG Project.

Here is a picture of another transformer (split flux) that a QEG student builder just made. This will do the same job.


qeg-student-split-flux-transformer QEG 2016 Major Update! Where we are at with the QEG Project.


Putting it all together

We are extremely close to completion. So close in fact that James and Val had to leave the US to ensure their safety. (more on this later)

More great news! Someone donated the $1,500 it is going to cost us to ship our equipment here.

When our equipment arrives we will put all of it together, tune the QEG to increase the power, then hook up the bi-toroid transformer to convert the power needed loop back in to run the motor. (AKA self running)

Faster development and more access with the new mini QEG

The mini-QEG is our newest design that will put out 1,000 watts of continuous power, which is enough to power some appliances or a separate garage off-grid.

The mini-QEG will make it easier, faster and cheaper to further develop the big QEG (example: increase the power to 40KW). Anything done on the mini can be scaled up to work on the big QEG.

The mini-QEG is cheaper to build which makes it accessible to a much larger population of DIY engineers who wish to build their own off grid power systems.


Problem countries for new energy development like the QEG

These are the 4 countries where we have the most difficulties:

United Kingdom

Problem areas:

Highest internet trolling problems
Restrictive business regulations
Gestapo like police environment
Government surveillance and no privacy
Prohibitively  high cost of living / inflation / collapsing economy


Clearing up Common Misconceptions

Most people that know about the QEG have been following our development for quite some time. For those who are new to this project, here are the common misconceptions people have.

People think the QEG is a finished product. It’s not. It is in a very unique process of completely transparent and open co-development, which means we disclose each and every new breakthrough that happens on this device, as it happens. This is something that is completely new and unheard of in the world of product development.  Normally the process of development is done behind closed doors and the public never gets to see it until the product is ready.

People think we sell QEG’s. We don’t. We teach people how to build them, and we tell people where they can buy the parts to build their own.

People believe some misinformation they read about us on  a trolling website. We really wish that people would read all of our information that we’ve spent so much time and energy creating and making freely available before they jump to any conclusions. Those trolling websites are funded by the governments and energy corporations. They pay people to write lies about us and the QEG

People think we can operate at the same capacity as a huge corporation. We can’t, because we are not funded. Because of this we cannot offer a lot of “box store” perks that some people are accustomed to. We are a team of 5 people that put in 60-80 hours of hard work each per week in order to get this information out.  We do the best that we can to offer personalized assistance to our students  and customers


About Our Public QEG Reporting

We have been transparently reporting and freely sharing our QEG progress every step of the way.

Please visit our new improved website qegfreeenergyacademy.com for a backlog of all of our project reports and answers to frequently asked questions.

We’ve put a tremendous amount of care and thought into our information to make this valuable knowledge available to you.

The best way to stay informed on all of our work is to join our mailing list.

Question: Why is the QEG taking so “long” ?


We don’t have adequate funding. We have to wait to raise the money to get the parts we need to get closer to finishing. If we had adequate funding available to us, all at once, we could be finished in a couple of months. We are READY to finish now.


The QEG is NOT Fully funded, and it really NEEDS to be!

We’ve had many delays in this project because of inadequate funding.

We’ve had dozens of promises of funding that never came through.

Last year we finally got our first legitimate benefactor, and the funding was stopped due to controlled opposition internet trolling.



Disclosure: How controlled opposition cut off the QEG project funding.

The following are examples of covert attacks on the QEG Project as disclosed by documents leaked by Edward Snowden about the Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group.

What you Need to know about Internet Trolls and Clean Energy Debunkers:
Governments and Corporations pay them to discredit threats to their industry

I’d like to tell you what happened to us and it has to do with a 75 year old widow, some evil banksters, and an online terrorist trolling ring. This is the story of how our miracle funding was ripped away from the PEOPLE’S free energy device.

Last year we got a letter from Wilhelmina that changed our lives. She is a 75 year old widow, whose amazing husband passed away a few years ago and left her some money. In her words, she has a simple life and had plenty of money for her own needs, so she wanted to take some of this extra money and do something special with it. Something that could really help change this world for the better, so she decided to fund our QEG project. On the day when my family realized this was legitimately going to happen, we could not stop crying. This was the miracle we had been hoping for. Over several months all of the members of the QEG family established a beautiful relationship with Wilhelmina and she has since become an adopted member of our family in our eyes. She is a beautiful human being.

She wanted to give us $120,000. This is a significant amount of money that would have funded us the way we need to be funded and the QEG would have been finished and everyone would have had free energy running in their homes.

Then one day Wilhelmina told us that she was having problems getting her money out of the bank. The bank manager was informed by some malicious anonymous source that the QEG project was a scam and that we were just trying to take advantage of a “poor little old lady”.  The bank froze her funds and told her that she could go buy a yacht or some other luxury item, but they would not allow her to take our her money to send it to the QEG project. Wilhelmina was able to send us some other money, but the $120,000 was frozen forever by the banks.

Then several months later I stumbled across the most horrific forum I have ever seen. Overunity.com has 268 pages with over 4,000 comments dedicated to trashing the QEG. In this forum they were bragging about shutting down our funding. They went after Wilhelmina, went after her personal friends, and spoke to the bank manager to convince the bank to freeze her funds. But they didn’t stop there… later on when we tried to start a crowdfunding campaign to raise the funds we needed, they shut down our funding campaign twice. Then they tried to shut down our paypal accounts, and said that they are going after every other person who is trying to build a QEG. Please watch this youtube video for a more in depth explanation. Also, you can read this story and the letters from Wilhelmina in this article here.

qeg-overunitydotcom QEG 2016 Major Update! Where we are at with the QEG Project.

malicious-attacks-on-qeg QEG 2016 Major Update! Where we are at with the QEG Project.

For more screen shots of the attacks on the QEG project here are some files:

TrollUpdate (1)

Discussion on Revolution

more trolling



This is just one example of the level of evil that my family has to fight every day. We are only disclosing this because we need YOUR HELP in combating this evil with positive reinforcement from THE PEOPLE. After all, this is YOUR device that we are building for you. So the next time you find yourself in a situation where you can’t feed your kids because you just got an $800 electric bill and can’t afford food, I want you to take out all your anger and all your frustration on overunity.com and some of the other people I’m about to mention here on this list below, because these are the people that are stopping you from getting the free energy that the QEG can bring you:

This is what REAL terrorism looks like.  Free Energy Enemies Terrorist Cells


terrorist-overunity-dot-com QEG 2016 Major Update! Where we are at with the QEG Project.
– data mining baiting website to mislead and trap legitimate inventions.

terrorist-revolution-green QEG 2016 Major Update! Where we are at with the QEG Project.

Revolution-Green.com– Set  up by oil companies, another baiting and trolling site that is against free energy. They have trashed and lied about the QEG from day one (in 2013).

terrorist-mark-dansie QEG 2016 Major Update! Where we are at with the QEG Project.

Mark Dansie- IMPOSTER! Self-proclaimed “free energy expert”. Paid by the opposition to fly around the world and discredit legitimate  and disruptive clean energy tech. He has written many articles filled with lies trashing the QEG. Likes to give awards and praise to people who hurt the QEG family.

terrorist-tinselkoala QEG 2016 Major Update! Where we are at with the QEG Project.

Tinsel Koala- Underling  youtube troll that makes hate videos about the QEG. Works on overunity.com  and Revolution green. Wins awards from Dansie for his trolling vids.

terrorist-doazic QEG 2016 Major Update! Where we are at with the QEG Project.

Doazic-aka “Doazi-shill” a bottom feeder  youtube troll that makes hate videos about the QEG.

terrorist-metabunk-dot-org QEG 2016 Major Update! Where we are at with the QEG Project.

Metabunk.org– ranks top on all search engines for QEG. Forum of  “establishment supportive skeptics” with a large section dedicated to trashing the QEG.

terrorist-keshe-foundation QEG 2016 Major Update! Where we are at with the QEG Project.

Keshe Foundation proven fraud, has sold $20million in fake free energy devices and illegal potentially hazardous supplements. Is wanted for fraud and human experimentation in several countries. Has publically accused the QEG project of being  a pedophile ring

terrorist-veterans-today-gordon-duff QEG 2016 Major Update! Where we are at with the QEG Project.

Veterans Today Gordon Duff  and Mike Harris- Fake news website / yellow journalist rag. Promotes Keshe fraud propaganda and trashes the QEG.

terrorist-quatloos QEG 2016 Major Update! Where we are at with the QEG Project.

Quatloos.com- trolling forum with a large section dedicated to trashing the QEG


The Future of the QEG : Our Major Milestones

We have demonstrated Over unity on the QEG
We have demonstrated converting the power to useable power on the QEG
The parts we need are currently being made
We have the equipment we need and it is being shipped to us
Our family is now in a safe environment

All of our vital information is open sourced. Supply chain for parts are established.  Legal business entity set up is established. Assortment of resources for builders has been created (course work and eLearning) and all our online systems are operational.

The QEG Roll Out

In the next few weeks all our equipment will arrive and we will put everything together in our lab.

We’ll be filming and sharing everything.

We will rebuild the QEG from scratch
We will tune the QEG to increase the power
Then we will use the bi-toroid to convert the power into Watts
Then we will use the Watts to power the motor. (self running)
Then we will set up the mini QEG next to the big QEG and use the mini QEG and other pieces of equipment (like a flywheel and other transformers) to run experiments that will increase the QEG power output from 5kW to at least  10kW or more.

During this time the students who have QEGs will bring them into self running mode.

All QEGs will come online at the same time all over the world.


How You Can Get Involved

We need your help!

Please donate if you can to our funds:
Mini QEG Campaign
QEG R&D Fund 

We want to hear from you! Please contact us if you are interested in supporting this project in some way.

Please say a prayer for our family and this project

Please share this information everywhere to help spread awareness

Please create positive comments that support the QEG and help us to combat the controlled and well funded opposition

Please join our mailing list to receive every update about this project in the coming months.

Learn to Build and get your QEG parts

Making this suppressed engineering technology accessible to the people

We have over 50 products available to help people learn more about building their own free energy devices. The build manual is free.

qeg-products QEG 2016 Major Update! Where we are at with the QEG Project.

We have set up the supply chain for builders, get your QEG cores and kits from torelco.
get-your-parts-at-torelco QEG 2016 Major Update! Where we are at with the QEG Project.

Also, get your mini-qeg cores through our new mini-qeg campaign!

qeg-mini-cores-available QEG 2016 Major Update! Where we are at with the QEG Project.

Our Campaigns

Currently we have two campaigns running. The first one is the mini-qeg campaign that we have relaunched because we did not raise enough funds to complete the project. Currently all the parts for the mini qeg are made and are in China. We do not have enough money to ship them to us so we can complete the mini and open source the plans for free to thousands of engineers. Please help if you can! We are also selling mini-QEG cores as a perk in this campaign as a way to raise the funds we need.

The mini QEG campaign


visit-the-new-qeg-campaign QEG 2016 Major Update! Where we are at with the QEG Project.


We also have set up a QEG R&D Fund

The QEG Family has sacrificed a great deal, to bring this technology to the world. Building these machines can get expensive as new parts and tools are often needed to further the research and development for the project so that we can continue to help pass on the knowledge to the others who are building alongside us

If you have downloaded the FREE manual, please know that twenty months of hands-on experience and research went into giving this gift to humanity. If you are grateful for the 75-page QEG manual, including a full CAD drawing package, a donation is not obligatory but is greatly appreciated and helps keep the work going.


share-medium QEG 2016 Major Update! Where we are at with the QEG Project.

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