QEG Rebuttal with Evidence. New Video Inventor James Robitaille Defends His Family.

Below is a report rebutting just a fraction of the lies and nonsense that have been tossed at our family over the last two years by controlled opposition and free energy impostors Mark Dansie, Tinsel Koala, Veterans Today, and Zero Fossil Fuel, and more.   It saddens me that people still read things like this smut and believe it to be true on any level. Even Veterans Today author ADMITS that most of what he writes is fake. And people are still buying this? One thing is for sure, none of these folks have any intention of helping people to obtain free energy.  I’ve also seen that there are many people who are doing the bidding of this evil agenda and perhaps don’t even know it.

What has been revealed in the last few weeks since the Keshe Investigation and all of the triggered reactions is very telling. We stepped on a bee-hive of evil and shadow government. Impostors posing as “Free Energy Enthusiasts” and “Truth Movement Alternative News”  each gave Pavlovian reactions in an attempt to repair the damage we did to their plan and attack the messenger.  Lie after lie came spewing forth exposing the reach of their network.  And it spans from the shadow governments that propped up Keshe’s empire to distract good people from making real progress in free energy development, all the way to individual clueless repeaters who just keep the message going and don’t even know why. We’ve even got sleeper cells that kick into gear to attack platforms in an attempt to sabotage shows that would expose this, and shut down crowdfunding platforms that try to bring out the real solutions.   Meanwhile, the real work gets ignored and the Fraud gets all the attention. Sad, sad, sad.

And then there are all the sub level bloggers. I look at these things and I have counted so many COMPLETELY INCORRECT statements put forth as truth I’ve lost count. NO ONE VERIFIES THEIR SOURCES ANYMORE. Meanwhile, the nonsense with no proof is believed and defended blindly, and the truth with hard researched evidence is ignored, because some folks are too lazy to read.  Everything is so upside down. Can’t we see that we are acting like slaves? Come on human race, get off your knees! We are better than this!

We have recently heard that police forces are watching Keshe and all his groups and followers 24/7 waiting to catch them in the act of Fraud. This is quite scary for those groups who are out there selling Magrav workshops and promoting Keshe propaganda on their platforms.

We’ve also received word from some of our colleagues that Keshe’s conference at the Atlantis Hotel in Dubai, was never booked in the first place. (it was a scam to bring in more money) and that the conference has now been cancelled due to lack of participation.

Please bear in mind that most of this insanity is coming from countries in the mind control grid of the western world. What I wish our readers would realize is that there is a huge other world out there that has nothing to do with this sick cabal mentality of the west.  My neighbors still use donkeys to get water from the well.  We are in Africa where we do humanitarian work to help people. We work with China on a regular basis and have been learning their customs as well. None of these folks care about the stupidity some anonymous coward writes  hiding behind his computer screen and sitting in a dinky little shack in Texas somewhere. And quite frankly, neither do we.

This rebuttal is written for the people to know our thoughts around such insanity.  Also included is a special video message from James Robitaille “QEG Who We Work For”.  I am proud to see James come out of the workshop to make this video to defend his family.  We are close and work together everyday to try to do good things and help people. We are a family of unwavering faith in God, we are persecuted everyday,we are on a mission, and we are fighting back.




Rebuttal with Evidence – Written By Valerie and James Robitaille

Giving people hope is the reason behind everything we have done since HopeGirl and Fix The World came on the scene in 2012. We will not be redundant as the reader can research ours and other websites for themselves. We will be concise and only highlight a few of the so-called ‘alternative energy arena’ attacks, and provide evidence for the reader who is intelligent enough not to engage in contempt without prior investigation. We hope you will be able to see the blatant smear campaigns these Internet Trolls and trashy websites have been running, and how they are fully responsible for THE PEOPLE still not having access to free energy.

We begin with the latest from revolution-green (we are simply cutting and pasting their comments directly, so please excuse any typos in the bolded paragraphs):


In the middle of the another funding campaign for the QEG, Hope Girl has posted a lengthy opinion piece about the free energy claims of Keshe. There is in my opinion a large degree of irony here. It seems the free energy arena can become quite the spectacle with the different players highly critical of each other. No need for skeptics .

The present campaign is for the open-sourced TeslaGenV1, not the QEG. (http://www.hopegirlblog.com/campaigns/mini-qeg-campaign/) This is a design created by engineer Tivon Rivers to make it possible and affordable for engineers to experiment with resonant technology. When in production, this device will be given, meaning, FREE OF CHARGE,  to as many human beings as possible in the most impoverished areas of the planet, to be able to run a lighting, heating or cooling source so they can survive.

The following link is our final public statement regarding the funds raised for the QEG through crowd funding between 2013 – 2015: https://hopegirl2012.files.wordpress.com/2015/03/statement-of-expenditures-summary-updated-march-2015.pdf

These reports do not include cashing in James Robitaille’s $70K retirement fund to be able to work on this project, funds he had to prematurely quit his job of 26 years to obtain to be able to develop the QEG, nor does it include sales from our high-quality, low-cost, educational materials (http://www.energyefficientgenerator.com). It also doesn’t include the QEG Rosetta Stone Project we ran to translate the open-sourced FREE Builder’s Manual, and the Ebook into other languages. As you will see (if you can pull yourself away from the untruths and defamation by those who obviously work for others that don’t want to see free energy emerge), we have personally invested a great deal more over the past 2 ½ years than we raised crowdfunding, having lost 2 homes and a car in 2014. Know this: we are dauntless, and will not stop until our assignment is complete.

NOTE: Due to the attacks from the very same groups that claim to be experts on all energy subjects, e.g., revolution-green.com, Zero Fossil Fuel on youtube, Veterans Today (Gordon Duff) and overunity.com, the continued development of the QEG has been private since July 12, 2015. In other words, we are no longer crowdfunding but instead carry the burden of development ourselves, and work only with serious builders in co-development around the world. We are not the only ones with a viable technology/device that have been pushed into a corner. Please research revolution-green, Tinsel Koala on Rosemarie Ainslee, and what they did to her discoveries, as well as countless others.

(In case you’ve not had a chance to read the QEG Chronicles, which tells the full story from those of us who have lived through it, please go HERE. It’s free.)

Here are just a couple of excerpts from the QEG Chronicles regarding our experience with the free energy ‘experts’:

Pg. 29: When my family decided to build a free energy generator, we were introduced to this world of hate and scandal. We had walked into the land of Canaan, where we were surrounded by menacing giants. Like a scene out of a horror movie, we found ourselves on a long dark and scary road. One week after our first campaign was funded, one of the most vile articles we’ve ever read attacking our family appeared on the revolution- green website. It was written by an infamous man who goes by the name of Darth Dansie. We did not know Dansie and he did not know us. He had caught the scent of fresh prey as our innocent little engineering family entered his free energy arena. Dansie would spend the next two years violently slandering our family every chance he got.

Later on we learned that Dansie has a long history of attacking and destroying every promising free energy device that gets any public attention. We learned from his former colleagues that he gets paid to fly all around the world to ‘evaluate’ free energy devices and publicly state that none of them will ever work.  Darth Dansie employs the services of one ‘Tinsel Koala’ who specializes in the verbal defecation of comment sections for YouTube videos. Tinsel has a YouTube channel of his own, where he’s used QEG footage to make hate videos that mock our family and project. Tinsel never shows his face to the camera and is publicly praised and awarded by Dansie for his work.

This now brings us to Tinsel’s latest comments on the revolution-green website:

These people (FTW) have filed a “copyright strike” against me on YouTube for a 54-second video I made, before they fled to Morocco, which satirizes “HopeGirl’s” plea for more money in the cold of Pennsylvania winter — rather odd since they claimed to have a self running 10 kW prototype which could easily keep Jamie’s little fingers warm even in the Pennsylvania winter.


Tinsel’s 54 second video was taken down because he used our footage to trash and ridicule us. He should have known this would be a problem for us. We did not ‘flee’ to Morocco, we went there to build after building in Taiwan. Then we went to England to meet up with engineers there. Then we went home.

The so-called claim to have a self-running prototype is probably from the comment below made by James’ wife Valerie, a non-engineer who was being pressed for answers. (Please bear in mind this was just over one week after we opensource and we were getting hammered with questions from 1,000’s of people at this time)  This piddly little screen shot was all the “evidence” Tinsel could come up with.

quote-from-TK QEG Rebuttal with Evidence. New Video Inventor James Robitaille Defends His Family.

The question was “Do you have a working 40kw QEG.” The answer was “we have a working 10kw – that is our target – can go higher of course but we’re being conservative.” No one said anything about self-running. The QEG is designed for 10kw (conservative) and is running (look at all the resonance videos on youtube). What’s the illusion Tinsel is trying to create here? And is no one outside the engineering circle allowed to make a mistake? Valerie was part of the admin support team (not the engineering team) and witnessed resonance. To her that meant it was working.


I claimed Fair Use of the material I used, for educational, critical and satirical purposes. YouTube now has passed my personal information, address, etc. along to the FTW organization and they (FTW) have actually hired a lawyer, who has sent me a letter informing me that they are “reviewing” my video to see if there is a copyright violation involved. Apparently they intend to sue me over this video, which had all of perhaps 600 views and is less than a minute long. I can’t even show you the video because YouTube has taken it down, and has imposed some restrictions on my YT account.


So what conclusions do you, the reader, form from this rebuttal? Did we claim we had (or have) self-running? Should we have allowed Tinsel’s video (which had many thousands of views, not only a few hundred) remain? Anyone can make a slanderous video about another, but they must use their own footage, not that of those they are slandering, if they don’t want a copyright strike.


I sent a letter back to the lawyer pointing out the history of false claims coming from the FTW organization wrt the QEG device, the claims of “overunity” and “self running” and “power your house” and all the rest of that, along with some weblinks to the original Indiegogo campaign and the HopeGirl video above. I also said I would voluntarily agree to having the video taken down, since I fear retribution from these people, even though I believe my use of the material is covered by the Fair Use doctrine. I don’t know what will come of this all, but the fact that they have “lawyered up” is frightening and very stressful to me. I have no resources and am not in good health. And I am also in fear for my personal safety since the “FTW” people now know where I live. They are trying to ruin me since I have criticized them, but they haven’t gone after other critics in this way (yet).


The QEG is still in development. It is a robust device capable of running an average sized home, whose plans for building were given freely to the world so that people can start building. It is designed to self-run but the teams have been severely warned never to show a self-running demo or make any money from selling QEGs. We have an information distribution system that we believe will work so suppression will not be possible, but the time is not yet right for that.


The only retribution will be rebuttals, which all the Tinsel’s and Dansie’s can expect from hereon. There is no reason to be afraid Tinsel, we’re decent honest people which you would recognize if you were one. Just back off, ok?


Please watch the video below to see what we are doing. If no one ever tried doing something, nothing would get done! And so the reader can see exactly how Internet Trolls operate, we’re adding a few links for your reference:









(Dansie) Editors note: I wonder if HopeGirl is willing to do the same measurements for all the QEG’s built in the past


All the QEGs built in the past? Come on Darth, you know full well we have published everything we have, can afford and safely publish. We don’t think you and Tinsel will be able to pull the wool over people’s eyes anymore, to make unbelievers out of them once they smarten up and start looking at our reports and videos instead of yours, to see for themselves the integrity and progress of the QEG Team. Check out the video below and see if it’s enough for you. If not, maybe you would be willing to pay for whatever it is that will satisfy you because we’re not interested in your demands (please see 1st internet trolling link above for more info on tactics used).


The latest measurements are provided in the video below, along with commentary. However, we will not put our lives in danger by showing what others have been thrown in jail for and killed over. Even the trolls know what we can and cannot publish, hence the license they take to continue to harass us and call us scammers. Readers, judge for yourselves:



For all the serious engineers and free energy advocates (you know, those that actually contribute meaningful commentaries and videos), here is a link to the latest QEG advanced tuning procedure:



Finally, we challenge anyone to make a connection between FTW/QEG and the OPPT or Keshe, any time in the past 18 months. These are 2 entities we have been falsely accused of being associated with by the trolls mentioned in this document. We were brief acquaintances at one time with OPPT, and when we got to know them a little better we publicly disclosed their abhorrent behavior and our definitive disassociation from them. And we were never distributors for Keshe. And without naming any names, we’d like the reader to take notice that we have withdrawn all of our support and involvement with a lot other groups and platforms when we found that they participate in activities that we cannot support in good faith. We hold a lot of responsibility for real work that goes far beyond the reaches of a computer screen and the illusion of the online world.

We will not apologize for having standards of proper community care for our precious work, even if it appears that FTW is the only organization that seems to have any standards left.


Also, we’d like to add the following statement:

We at FTW are not responsible for disinformation, and misunderstandings of others who DO NOT READ OUR WORK yet report un-truths about us and manipulate the public based on their own willfull ignorance. We refuse to fight  a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent.

We have been reporting high quality, informative, clearly organized information all this time. If you missed any of it for any reason it is very easy to find. It is also very easy to sign up for regular updates.

If you subscribe to the Hopegirl blog, you will get every single new blog post delivered to your inbox.
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It really is quite simple to keep up with our news, we hope you’ll spend some time catching up on the real developments and progress over the last year.

Trolling is a serious and dangerous activity, and we are fighting back!

-The QEG Team



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