Now in our second season, The Peoples Free Energy show is coming to you better than ever with our new TeslaGen v1 series!  To help raise awareness around our newest prototype, Fix the World and the QEG family will be bringing you six amazing new shows, each one 2 hours long, and each one streaming live with live chat so you can get involved!  This show is meant to be a full-on education in Free Energy and there has never been any other show out there like it!

We’ll be lifting the veil and pulling out the rug on the world of Free Energy. Our presentation will be geared towards both engineers and non-engineers to help clarify some of the aspects of this arena that have been kept hidden from the general public on purpose.

We’ll be starting at the beginning, and we’ll be blasting through disinformation to bring you clarity, understanding and evidence. Our shows topics will cover:

  • Explanations of Free Energy terms like overunity, perpetual motion, ether, plasma, radiant energy, back EMF, and more.
  • The History of Free Energy and its suppression, many examples will be given.
  • We’ll introduce you to the many brave inventors in this field, their great discoveries and in some cases, their untimely demise.
  • We’ll discuss and show you many impossible free energy devices that have been proven to work.
  • We’ll uncover some of the negative covert uses of Free Energy, such as 9/11 and microwave technology.
  • We’ll disclose some of the lesser known Free Energy Politics such as patents, Non Disclosure Agreements, Financing, and Big Oil involvement.
  • We’ll be giving an overview of some of the Free Energy figures in today’s world such as: Keshe, Stephen Greer, Sterling Allan, Mark Dansie, Bedini, GEET, Orgone Energy, and more.

Energy underpins everything in our lives today. It’s time The People understand this extremely controversial topic.  As always, we’ll be putting a lot into this to ensure we do our best to present all this information in a graceful and fair manner. This show is for everyone and anyone who is willing and eager to learn.  This information will NOT be taught at any main stream engineering university, so bring the budding engineers in your life and help us spread the knowledge that will literally build a brighter future for all of us!

We hope you’ll join us for the People’s Free Energy Show!

Mark your calendars!
Show will air live on CCN on the following dates: at 9PM GMT (London/Morocco), 4PM EST (New York) , 1PM PST (California), 8AM Sunday Melbourne Australia

Monday 2/15
Monday 2/22
Monday 2/29
Monday 3/7
Monday 3/14
Monday 3/21

To listen to the show live and join the chat room please visit the following link at the specified time. 

Archives of the shows will be hosted on several platforms including:
ROKU NBTV Roku Channel
CCN Youtube
Fix the World Youtube

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