Conscious Communities Show Featuring FTW Morocco Community Center

I had so much fun giving this presentation describing our new community center on the debut of the Conscious Communities show on CCN. Thank you so much to Mel Ve and Biggie for providing this opportunity to present our project that is so important to help Fix our World. I hope you all enjoy!

About Conscious Communities:

Bringing communities together is an important factor in establishing the common ground upon which we can all unite. We all need to work together and help each other in order to create a better world. The concept of “every man for himself” has never worked. We simply cannot hope to expect a fair, just, peaceful, abundant, sustainable world, if that is not an expectation for every person on our planet. We cannot lock ourselves away in our gilded cages and hope that the horrors, atrocities and suffering of the world, never catches up with us, for to do so puts us in a state of constant duress, worry and fear, and there is no point in living in such a torturous way. The most logical option is to reach out to our immediate communities, and begin networking and bringing together those who are actively involved in making difference, no matter how small. We need to reach out to others, to provide information and education about the true state of affairs on our planet, and to let people know what is going on, and how we can remedy the current problems. The solutions exist, all it takes is for us to work together in order to implement these solutions, and any one person alone cannot do this, it requires a dedicated team of people who all share a common fundamental orientation towards the creation of a fair, just, peaceful, abundant, sustainable world.

share-medium Conscious Communities Show Featuring FTW Morocco Community Center

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