Many large corporations are changing their business models to incorporate paradigm shifting ideas that are more sustainable and geared towards bringing enlightened altruistic methods into their business practices.  This interview with HopeGirl discusses Rebecca’s latest work with some top business leaders in New York City and some of the latest new concepts coming out of the business world with HopeGirl, author of the “New Paradigm Business Model”.

A special guest  interview with HopeGirl on the “Get Lit” shows with hosts Rebecca and Blue Star Deerwomon.


Highlights from this interview:

Hope Girl shares her background in corporate America as a financial whistleblower and what lead her to leave the old way of doing business to write the new paradigm business model and form the Fix the World Organization.

  • Doing business with others with integrity, responsibility, transparency, equality.
  • How to collaborate instead of compete. The “salad analogy”  how to work together while maintaining your independence.
  • Why structure is important in a business and how we can work best within a structure
  • Propoganda and advertising techniques used to control people
  • Redefining Marketing and how to best use it in a positive way
  • Locating the points of corruption that occur in a business structure and how to change them
  • Buzzwords used in business “Why Business People Speak Like Idiots”
  • Solutions to help people in the current struggling economy
  • The “Laptop Entrepreneur” lifestyle and the New Paradigm Business Academy
  • The global shifting wealth distribution and purchasing power
share-medium Shifting the Business Paradigm: HopeGirl Interview on “Get Lit” with Blue Star Deerwoman and Rebecca Hahn .