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About 5 years ago, I cut my cable cord and bought a Roku box. It changed the way I view information forever!  Roku is  streaming tv, meaning it streams content to your TV from the internet. While many people still watch their favorite alternative shows from their computer screens, Roku allows for a whole different watching experience, especially if you have a big screen TV. You can choose from hundreds of streaming channels. If you have a subscription to platforms like Netflix, Amazon Watch Instantly, Hulu, or Gaia TV you can stream them from your Roku box. There are also hundreds of FREE Private Channels that you can stream as well, including TED Talks, Pandora, Youtube, PBS, and Fix the World TV!

Fix the World Roku (Formerly known as NBTV Roku) is easy to install on your device.


To get our private Roku channel added to your Roku device, click on the Roku Guide Icon below and then once there simply click “add channel”. You will have to sign into your Roku Account.

roku-guide Watch Fix the World On Roku!

If this link above doesn’t work, scroll down for Manual Instructions
for How to Add the Roku Channel

Manual Instructions to install our channel on your roku player:

1) On your computer log into your roku account
2) When logged into your account click “Add a Channel”
3) On the next screen enter code:    LKC6KJ
4) You will see the Naturally Better TV Logo pop up, click add channel
5) Next go to your Roku Device on your TV
6) On your Roku Menu click the settings Icon, select system, then select system update and select “check now” This will update your roku to reflect the new channel. Once this is complete, you’ll see the NB channel added to your Roku player menu.


share-medium Watch Fix the World On Roku!

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