We are in the Zombie Apocalypse!

A while back I really began to notice that there were some insane things that were happening around me.  There were people that I knew and cared for just losing their minds and behaving in very strange ways.  I found myself sitting there one day with my head in my hands wondering, what the heck is going on?

If you consider yourself to be an “awake” person like I do, then no doubt you’ve experienced the pain of coming up against the “sleepers”.  Where you feel like you’re the only one that “gets it”.  And you might have just stopped trying to convince your family members or your friends about things like chemtrails, or vaccines, or harp, or Monsanto. You may feel tired and worn out for all the effort.
Lately it seems that the level of intensity has been kicked up about 20 notches.  I believe it may have really started to intensify after 2012 came and went and “nothing happened”. Then we had 2013, which I’ve personally named “The Year of Nothing” and finally 2014, which has earned a title in my mind as “The Year of Betrayal”.

backstabbers We are in the Zombie Apocalypse!


For me, it really hit around 6 months ago when suddenly, a wide array of people I knew started doing the most diabolical acts of harm to others and self-sabotage.  To be really honest, I was confused.  I wanted to understand what this was because it was happening so much and so often to so many people I knew.  A psychic friend of mine told me “Batten down the hatches and get ready for the storm. Things are going to get really ugly”.  He was right.  It was then that I realized that we are truly and surely in the real Zombie Apocalypse.





What is the Zombie Apocalypse? 

The fictional metaphors that have been sensationalized in our pop culture in multiple zombie movies depict the reality of what is happening to people in our current society. “ Zombification” is a “soul disease” that transforms it’s victims into a hollow shell, propelled only by an instinctive need to feed on others, sentencing their victims with the same soulless plight to which they are imprisoned.

two-faced We are in the Zombie Apocalypse!

Zombification shows itself in many ways in our society and our personal relationships. People are acting strangely or differently. For example, they will act one way in front of a group , then change their behavior dramatically, almost like a split personality disorder. The behavior is usually characterized by a complete and utter absence of critical thinking void of moral code where an individual completely disregards the knowledge of consequences for their actions.

self-sabotage We are in the Zombie Apocalypse!
We are seeing people who are becoming zombified  and experiencing  a “death of the self”. They have lost their true identity of who they are as a person.  Researcher Michael Tsarion mentions this concept in his work on “Psychic Vampirism.” Tsarion says,

The man who has murdered his own self becomes a predator who lives to consume what others create. The self-murdered person is the greatest threat in the world. He is violent and destructive towards himself and everyone he encounters. He can occupy positions of little importance or of the greatest importance. He can destroy a single life or that of a world. He cares nothing for the trail of destruction and ruin he leaves. He cares only for the satiation of his insatiable appetites…..He seeks you and all that is yours.

Does that sound familiar? Who can you think of in your own life or in our world that has seemingly turned on themselves and their own best interests to then become violent, destructive and detached from any moral sense of responsibility?
This is part of the reset of human civilization.  It is the transition into an increasing awakened population looking for the truth and trying to come to their own discoveries of how things work in nature.  In many cases, you feel like the only awakened person and everyone around you is a zombie.   When you have this realization and start to see the world from a larger perspective, you begin to realize just how asleep everyone is.

When I found myself at this realization point, I felt like I was alone. I was disheartened, and I felt the deep pain of betrayal.  But then I realized how many other awake people were having the same experiences and felt the same way. I have managed to overcome my feelings of despair by using a combination of blatant in-your-face-humor, research, and some mental and lifestyle disciplines to help me completely combat my feelings and turn all of this around for the better.

Tools to Help you Cope: Real Speaks / Our Zombie Youtube Video / our Hysterical eBook

My loving partner Tivon and I put together a special platform called “Real Speaks”. (http://www.realspeaks.com) This is a place where we can put out individual presentations that we feel can help a lot of people who are trying to understand how to cope with some of the very difficult situations that many people are facing in these tumultuous and uncertain times.

Our Real Speaks Zombie Video below is a candid conversation recorded on the fly while we were driving. It is meant to express through our own personalities how we view these changes in people around us and most importantly what we are doing to cope.

Losing friends and family and betrayals during this civilization reset can be an incredibly painful experience for many to go through.  We wanted to ease the blow with some humor and lighten up a heavy topic to make this easier to cope with. So with this in mind, we’ve used brain dead zombies and Michael Jackson’s Thriller and zombie catch phrases to present this material.

Real Speaks Zombie Video:



Be sure to check out our hilarious eBook “Tips to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse. Keeping your wits in an Insane World”  It is a humorous metaphor filled with explanations of how people in our society are becoming dangerously brain dead and how to deal with it. We provide loads of helpful tips to keep your mind and emotional state healthy and happy during this transition time and some other tools of how to avoid becoming hurt by others who exhibit this behavior.  The book takes on a slightly dark humor  zombie theme to remind us that what we are dealing with.

The book is only $5.97 and you can purchase it for an instant download here:

zombie-3d-book We are in the Zombie Apocalypse!

share-medium We are in the Zombie Apocalypse!

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