Month: December 2015

QEG Project Overview Hope and Tivon With Eilish De Avalon

In this interview, Hope and Tivon give a run through of the QEG project as a whole, our teaching platforms, and highlight some of the amazing builds from QEG teams around the world. Following on from the tell-all interview between Mel Ve and Hope Moore discussing Hope’s book, The QEG Chronicles last week, We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For‘s, Eilish De Avalon will interview Hope Moore and Tivon Rivers who will expand in detail into the background of the QEG project, the Mini QEG and why this system is quietly changing the world – one Quantum Energy...

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The Children of Africa Center

This story will warm your heart.  It was only a few months ago that I met a woman named Bethany, who brought to my attention a very special place in Tanzania Africa.  There is a an orphanage there that was built by a man named Kristofa Kala. Kris was an orphan to a single parent and at a young age. He knew one day he would help kids who were just like him. Kris is a very dedicated and driven individual who spends all his time and energy ensuring the children are fed, have housing, and ongoing education. Kris is also active in creating local small businesses and...

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Free Audiobook Free Energy Full Disclosure QEG Chronicles: 4,000 Downloads!

The QEG Chronicles is the wild, bizarre and entertaining tale of a family that builds a free energy device, then gives the plans away on the internet and travels around the world helping others to build their own electricity generators. This autobiographical story, told from the perspective of “HopeGirl”, brings us through the hidden alleys of the big energy tycoons, the internet trolling cyber sphere, crop circles, alien agenda’s, new age gurus, sexual honey pot escapades, and so much more.

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FTW Giving Report for November

Because of the help of generous people like you, FTW has been able to fund several people in need this month through Kiva, we are happy to share their stories with you in this monthly report. If you would like to make a one time or recurring donation to Fix the World you can do so by clicking here. Learn more about the FTW giving policy on our website by clicking here.   FTW Helped Parvina to buy seeds and mineral fertilizers for new sowing in Tajikistan. Parvina was born in 1972. . She is a kind and hardworking woman. Parvina is married and...

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