Fix the World, Our History NEW PROJECTS and our Need For Members!!!

project-light-in-the-dark Fix the World, Our History NEW PROJECTS and our Need For Members!!!Fix the World is a global organization for humanitarian projects. We focus on energy access, economic hardship, and basic humanitarian aid.  We have two technology labs, two online training academies, and a community center that provides basic assistance in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Morocco.

Fix the World began in 2012 with a viral blog post that talked about the corruption in our world and the responding grassroots movements.

In our first year, we organized a team of volunteers to write our first book and film our first documentary movie. We formed an organization and toured Australia and the United States holding community project management workshops and networking events.

In 2014 we open sourced (made public for free) the plans for building an alternative energy generator prototype, based on Nikola Tesla’s discovery. Over 200,000 people have downloaded the free plans, and there are more than 100 QEGs being built in over 40 countries as a result of this project. The original QEG team has travelled to different countries to teach teams of engineers how to build this generator. We believe spreading the word about this technology in these ways ensures it cannot be suppressed, but rather, goes directly into the hands of the people. Because we can’t be everywhere at the same time, we’ve created the QEG Academy which is an online series of courses, webinars and consultations that teaches this unique engineering information that you won’t find in any other school.


This year: In 2015 we established our headquarters in Morocco and formed an international company and Humanitarian Association.  We then joined forces with several other associations to open a community center in one of the poorest neighborhoods in North Africa.

Fix the World has its own extensive media platform with a blog, two original internet TV shows, a mailing list and monthly newsletter.

Fix the World also has direct involvement in humanitarian aid through food and clothing drives, emergency medical caravans for migrants, and vocational training for marginalized women and children.

We are also partnered with Kiva Loans, and have funded over 50 groups and individuals for start-up businesses in developing countries in 2015 alone.

We are bringing projects such as “Light in the Darkness” where we build simple solar lighting devices to bring to areas like an orphanage in Tanzania, where the children have no electricity and live in darkness after the sun goes down.

Coming soon: To help project managers and the recently unemployed, we are presently creating the New Paradigm Business Academy; a series of practical teachings and instructions that can help anyone become an online entrepreneur and earn a living to support themselves and fund their projects.

NEW!! We are very excited about Project Orgone Maroc, where beads manufactured in our Humanitarian Techology Labs in Morocco are made from orgonite, and incorporated into handcrafted jewelry and accessories by local craftswomen . This creates income for the unemployed, and a needed health solution to protect against harmful EMF rays.

We couldn’t have imagined that what started as a blog post would grow into what Fix the World is today.  There is still much to do, but thanks to our online sales, our donors, and our dedicated team, more and more people will have solutions they need through projects like ours.

When you help us, Fix the World helps many others.  Visit our MEMBERSHIP AREA and won’t you please consider becoming a member today and help us Fix the World one project at a time.

Thank you for your interest in FTW and we hope you will consider being a member for just $.23 per day!



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One thought on “Fix the World, Our History NEW PROJECTS and our Need For Members!!!

  • November 1, 2015 at 1:45 pm

    Hey Hope Girl!!! You have very talented people in your group I love to see you team up with Keshe foundation . org I’ve been following both of you and if you two teamed up I really believe the world would appreciate that. He has beads that produce energy and nano coils simple twisted around battery cables that run cars without fuel. Your contacts could easily create a financial stream to help you move forward and the world too. Just a idea. With Love Awumdah

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