QEG Build in Taiwan

img_0941 QEG Build in Taiwan
Having worked with Taiwan through all initial developmental stages of the QEG, we were anticipating our first meeting overseas with great joy! What a warm and wonderful welcome we got from our friends and associates, which continued through every bit of the 3 1/2 weeks we were there.

This lovely group of engineers and students provided a perfect environment to get work accomplished and create bonds that will last a lifetime, though thousands of miles apart. Weiwei, our prominent sponsor worked with several Asian groups to raise money for our visit, and development of 2 QEGs in Taiwan. Footing the bill for the plane tickets for 4 FTW council members would have been enough for us to share everything we know with our new friends and associates, but they went much further to ensure our comfort and QEG success in their country.

We were met at the airport by Weiwei, Patrick, Li-Ming and 3 others (whose names I can’t hope to spell) with 3 cars. The Bailee Hotel is where we stayed for the first 5 nights while attending Cobra’s Portal Conference, and then went south to Mr. Li’s factory for the build. (Cobra and his associate came to the factory one day later to see and understand the components of the QEG.)

Our hostess in the south, Laliana, opened her beautiful 5-story home (which we called “the mansion”) to the 4 of us as well as others who came to learn to build the device. (About 10 men came from China, including a well-respected, high-level government engineer whose photos we had to blur in the Taiwan footage.) Laliana kept us healthy and happy, managing the meals whether ordered in or prepared, kept the tea coming and the incense burning. We took lovely walks together and sang songs to each other, discovering we have so much in common even though neither of us understood the other’s language. And what fun we had at the hot springs!

img_1033 QEG Build in Taiwan
Gonz, Hope and Laliana

Weiwei – the woman who brought the QEG to Asia. Weiwei and Val spent several hours every day for many weeks researching parts and discussing the many aspects of the QEG, ultimately making sure Taiwan had everything on site by the time we arrived for the build. Weiwei worked on the project every day alongside James and the other engineers, and I’m confident if she wants to, she will be an expert QEG Engineer one day!

img_1014 QEG Build in Taiwan
Weiwei and Father

Patrick – our expert translator, tireless, brilliant, genius! Our guide and safekeeper. Made sure we didn’t get lost and always had what we needed. Patrick worked for 4 months before our arrival in Taiwan, and continues to this day, translating all of HopeGirl/FTW and QEG material! He worked/trained at the factory every day and always kept us on our toes (this bright young man knew all the right questions to ask and assimilated all new concepts quickly). What fun we had! Thank you for all you did and continue to do to bring quantum energy to Asia.

patrick QEG Build in Taiwan

Hope and Alice – our favorite and most loved Massage Therapist and Healer. Thank you for keeping us healthy and pain-free! Thank you for all the beautiful tea sets you sent us home with, the special stone pillows you made for us to sleep soundly, and all the beautiful time we shared. You showed us so much love, helping us with our tired, traveling bodies. We love you!

img_1020 QEG Build in Taiwan
Hope and Alice

Mr. Li – Master Engineer, QEG Designer and new paradigm (for humanity) visionary. Mr. Li is one of the most resourceful people we have ever met. We could ask him for any device or tool and he had it in his shop. His generosity and hospitality was unequaled – treating us many times at wonderful vegan restaurants and showering us with gifts. It was a pleasure working with him in his factory, watching him and James share skills and wisdom. We are blessed to know this pioneer of the free world, and can’t wait to see his improvements to the QEG.

img_0873 QEG Build in Taiwan
Mr. Li, Lead Engineer
img_0983 QEG Build in Taiwan
Making dinner plans with the gang. Often, we were at the factory from 9am-9pm but Mr. Li knew the best places to eat late.

The Men of China (and Weiwei). These expert engineers will share the QEG technology with over 5000 engineers in China, and have promised to open-source any and all improvements/changes. So gracious and supportive, these engineers were all experts in their field. They spoke of the possibilities of improving life in China, and plan to share the technology with 5000 Chinese engineers, all who vow to opensource any and all improvements on the QEG.

img_1013 QEG Build in Taiwan
Men of China
img_1047 QEG Build in Taiwan
Angela, (Val) & Jedi

Angela (Val) and Jedi – our beloved friends and soul family – thank you most of all for your unequaled generosity, love and caring. We will always remember our dream day with you ∞

……and many more! Vonita, Li-Ming, Chris, Ching, Hewitt – I wish I could remember all your names! But my heart remembers. Thank you all so much from our hearts and souls.


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