QEG Update 2

img_0330 QEG Update 2
Model of similar core design at 1/4 scale

We must surely be on the verge of our Golden Age if I’m writing this update for all to see! We are not afraid of suppression and oppression, although we thank the many souls who are concerned for us (keep holding us in the LIGHT!). We are not in fear or doubt, are not covert in any way (fully transparent except location), and rejoice in our hearts knowing that some of the suffering on the planet will soon be alleviated.

Still on schedule J I’m posting some pics here of the early beginnings. At the same time of the end of our crowdfunding campaign, we were moving but didn’t know where up to 2 days before we needed to be out of the trailer we’d been living in for 3 years. No matter what it looked like in that last week, we held the vision of what we needed: a place that gave us some room to breathe and set up a lab for the QEG. As it turns out, we are a great testimony of faith in the LIGHT and the GOOD in The Universe.

img_0276 QEG Update 2
1/2 ton of sawdust needed moving
img_0393 QEG Update 2
New Floor
img_0322 QEG Update 2
One heat source
img_03951 QEG Update 2
A second heat source
img_0396 QEG Update 2
img_0305 QEG Update 2
Moving into the lab
img_0300 QEG Update 2
Placing orders

All parts needing lead time have been ordered, including the mainframe generator core and shaft! These took a little longer than we had anticipated but absolutely everything we need should be here by the end of next week and my next update shortly after that. Hope will be here to see the operation next week as well, and I’ll make sure to take lots of pictures of all of us and the device (in whatever phase of development it may be).

We are keenly aware of the time we said we would have it built (10 weeks). We are still on schedule although it does appear we’ll need more time – maybe just a couple of weeks. I’ll know more soon.

If you are interested in staying in contact with us during development, we are working with representatives from a few different countries and can extend this offer to individuals everywhere. Please write to us at fixtheworldproject@hotmail.com and I will give you details.

In the meantime, here are some particulars about the QEG that we are able to give at this time:

1) We will market this on a small level at first, because that will make sure it gets to the people immediately. We need this to happen so that the people know that this type of energy is real…..

make the device first to show it works, then make a few more to give to people locally. Then send a team of engineers to other countries to show local engineers in those countries how to build them in small factories in their area. Everything will be local, and it will spread mostly through word of mouth and social media.

2) The QEG is not a magnet motor, or high voltage pulsed DC; it’s a self-resonant, rotary motor generator, meaning, when you get to a certain RPM you get to the resonant point and it begins to generate its own power

3) Because the QEG is a rotating mechanism, some standard maintenance may be needed (inspect once or twice a year – drive belts, electronics, bearings, etc. – but is being designed to be very rugged)

4)  The output system can be wired in series or parallel, for any voltage anywhere in the world (from 90 volts to 240)

5) If you’re using the QEG and don’t have very much demand in the house at the moment, the device can actually add power to the grid. This means the utility companies pay us!

6) The QEG doesn’t produce any gases or any kind of emissions

7) The QEG makes some noise, which will be minimized in the packaging

8) We are expecting the device to be applicable to vehicles

9) The QEG is safe

Soon we’ll post an update for pre-order information. We’re still looking at manufacturing more than just the working prototype by the end of the year.












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3 thoughts on “QEG Update 2

  • November 25, 2013 at 8:47 pm

    Dear Jamie and Val,

    Thank you for the 2 updates on the progress of the “QEG”! I have been a supporter and contributor since that first week in September.

    Now I have a question for you. Others may have already posed this question.

    If I purchase (i.e. pre-order) the QEG, have it shipped when available then wired into our home — and it operates satisfactorily — naturally, I’m going to tell MANY people. Neighbors, co-workers, friends and family would be invited over to the house for a demonstration.

    My question is, “Would it be possible to receive a commission or referral fee for those friends and neighbors who decide to purchase their own QEG?” My name could be included on the order form as the person who introduced them to the generator. Once you receive the funds from them and the QEG is shipped to their address, I would be mailed *$ ? ? ?* for the referral fee.

    If this is part of your marketing plan I would be very interested in hearing from you.

    With respect, hope and admiration,

    Beck Horne (– a wannabee sales rep for the QEG) Asheville, North Carolina 828-974-1915

    On Thu, Nov 21, 2013 at 12:12 AM, HOPEGIRL2012

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