Save the Cheerleader, Save the World. The Energy That Will Flip the Paradigm.

claire-bennett Save the Cheerleader, Save the World. The Energy That Will Flip the Paradigm.

I want to tell you the most amazing story of miracles. 48 hours ago I was at a breaking point or what some would call a “dark night of the soul”. A year ago I choose to do the right thing at my corporate job. I was a whistle blower and was fired as a result. I then discovered my true mission in life, one of helping people, making real change, and ending the suffering. A mission to Fix the World. Each day I was guided by a higher calling, be it God, source (or whatever you choose to call it) to create something that would help the people. I worked tirelessly. I worked hard. And I arrived at a point that was just a few yards away from the finish line and my car ran out of gas.

I was broke, and if I didn’t come up with at least $2,000 in 12 days, my phone and internet was going to be shut off and essentially, the world would “loose Hope”. I didn’t mind the fact that I had been eating rice and beans for a week because that’s all the food I had left in my pantry. I didn’t mind that my overdue school loans called me 5 times a day. I didn’t mind that after living a comfortable life for a couple of years with a well-paying job, my sacrifice to do the right thing has put me in a position such as this. There are many people I know that are much worse off (of whom I want to help), and besides I LOVE WHAT I DO NOW! I am making a difference in ways I never thought I could.

What broke my heart, was that I could see the finish line from where I was standing, but I didn’t think I would make it. I spent a year putting my neck out on the line and moving forward with blind faith that “If I build it they will come”. I was almost finished building it. It was something that was supposed to be for the benefit of all of humanity. I couldn’t believe that the universe would bring me this far, only to watch this fail? Really?

Last week I spent many hours talking to God, wondering if this was really the end of the road. In the stillness of my heart I heard the words “Don’t quit before the miracle” and I renewed my vows right then and there that I would never give up on humanity.

And then on Friday, I embraced vulnerability in a way that I never have before, and I bared my soul to the entire world in an urgent call for help. Writing that post was one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done.

I needed $2,000 in 12 days. In 24 hours, 150+ people donated TRIPLE THE AMOUNT I NEEDED.

But more important than the money, I need to tell you about the energy that came with it. It was a tidal wave of love. People were writing to me THANKING ME for GIVING THEM the OPPORTUNITY TO GIVE. Some people with more wealth gave large amounts of money, one anonymous donor gave the entire $2,000 I needed. And some people gave $5 with beautiful notes that said “I wish I could give more but I don’t have that much myself”. I felt and valued the energy behind every single donation, regardless of the amount. The energy was the same.

The love and generosity came in so fast and furious, my email was exploding. The power of it was so immense it HAD ME ON MY KNEES. I cried so many times throughout the day I was so overwhelmed by it all. This energy of love and selfless giving and helping fellow humanity, has the power to create galaxies. It is more powerful than any world wars. More powerful than any negative energy that we can see. I know it. I saw it. I felt it. It tore through my mere mortal body like a tsunami of supernova starlight. If this was just my experience, I know that when multiplied, it is the kind of energy that will flip the paradigm.

To all of those who gave, and to all of those who feel inspired to give, you need to know the ripple effect you’ve started. This is it! This is what is going to flip this paradigm. And all of us can choose NOW if you want to step up and engage, and be a part of this 100th monkey effect.

It’s quite simple to do. JUST GIVE.
You will be amazed at what you receive in the ENERGY of doing so.
You will be amazed of the CHANGE you can create in doing so.

I have what I need for my immediate survival, and I also what I need to bring this platform online for all to benefit by a target date of this Monday. This is because people like you showed up and donated and let the universe know that you wanted this world to be fixed and that you didn’t want to lose Hope.

I want you to know that each and every day I fight for my love of humanity. I make all my decisions based on my inner guidance of what is pure, and true, and of the light in this world. Sometimes it can be difficult finding the right answers, but I always rely on the light to show me the way. I will never forget the suffering that I have been through as these are valuable lessons that have given me empathy towards the suffering of our planet and our people.
Ending the suffering of others through my talents and skills is my #1 goal.

By helping me, you help so much more than just one person. You help the hundreds if not 100’s of thousands that your generosity enables me to help.

Your energy of selfless giving is recognized and recorded in the books of the heavens. Your actions of giving and the actions of so many others is the evidence that the light is breaking through.

I’ve always felt that it was up to the people to break through and bring us our Golden Age. Thank you for being one of the first wavers to stand up and show the world through your actions that “I will break through for the light! I will help Fix this World”

Here is an example of what this energy looks and feels like.

Anonymous Helps Homeless Man and Makes Him Cry

For those who are fans of the tv show “Heroes” you’ll recognize the title of this post. In the series, Hiro, the loveable Japanese character who was the master of time and space, was living one year in the future in a post nuclear New York City. He spent his days creating a complicated web of timelines pertaining to different people that led up to the event of a nuclear bomb that killed millions of people.

hiro Save the Cheerleader, Save the World. The Energy That Will Flip the Paradigm.

Hiro was trying to find a way to stop the bomb. After mapping out the entire timeline with a series of pictures, occurrences, and a yarn labyrinth strewn across his studio, he discovered one individual that was the catalyst: the cheerleader Claire Bennet.

Claire had the power to heal, which was taken by the villain Sylar, who then used this power to heal himself from a would be fatal wound and later set off the bomb that killed millions. Hiro realized if he could travel back in time and deliver a message to save the cheerleader, he could prevent Sylar from taking her power of healing, hence he would not heal from the fatal wound, and would not set off the bomb that killed so many. It is all connected. Save the cheerleader, save the world.

In many ways I feel like I am playing the role of the cheerleader. I have been given the task of healing the world and the platform that we are building is the kind of catalyst that can indeed play a large role in doing this. I can see it, because I can I see into the future. I see thousands of projects to help millions of people, and I see many of those projects made possible through this platform and the work that we do.

It might not happen without people to create it, and I wouldn’t be able to build it without you, my beloved humanity.

You’ve saved the cheerleader, now let’s Fix the World!

Please consider a donation. Every little bit will help us create something that will help so many who need it! You can donate by:

1) Visiting our campaign
2) Sending a paypal payment to
3) Sending a check or money order. Please email and I can give you an address to send it to. (have to go get a PO Box in the morning)



i-am-hopegirl Save the Cheerleader, Save the World. The Energy That Will Flip the Paradigm.

share-medium Save the Cheerleader, Save the World. The Energy That Will Flip the Paradigm.

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