The Energy of Giving. An Important Follow up to Planning your Prosperity.

In my last post, I gave some practical suggestions on how to plan your prosperity so that when the time came, we would all have a good idea on how we would help others.  Many people found this post helpful and I was overjoyed to see the many responses from loving individuals. I did however receive a few comments that brought something crucial to my attention. Apparently there is more to this message about planning our prosperity that I did not include in my original post. Please allow me to remedy this now.

Some people asked this question:

“If we are all getting prosperity, then why do I have to plan on giving any away if everyone will have what they need?”

It’s a good question. Allow me to explain.

Let’s go back to some basics. Money is the representation of energy. That is all it is. For example: through the old paradigm systems, people with more money have more energy available to them to create more affects and results and people with less money have less energy available to them and can’t always accomplish as much. It’s time to change this!

Energy has movement. It transfers from one form to another. It has a “flow”.  A word for money is currency. A current flows. The energy, or currency is supposed to flow.

Now lets look at nature.

A living lake is a body of water with an inlet (snow melt coming in) and an outlet (lake water going out). This ongoing exchange of water—flowing in and out—nurtures a healthy lake environment that supports all kinds of life. Below is picture of a living lake. Look carefully and you’ll see that the water is crystal clear. This lake is just full of life.

living-lake The Energy of Giving. An Important Follow up to Planning your Prosperity.

Now compare the above photo with another picture, this time of a stagnant pond:

stagnant-pond The Energy of Giving. An Important Follow up to Planning your Prosperity.

The only creatures that can breed and survive in a place like this are mosquitoes and other undesirables. And not only do stagnant ponds look repulsive, they tend to stink, as well.

Ponds become stagnant for one simple reason. They lack that constant exchange of living water that keeps a pond environment alive and healthy. Water comes in and fills a stagnant pond during a rain or a snow melt. But there is no outlet to keep the pond water fresh. The only way a stagnant pond loses water is through evaporation. And evaporation only concentrates the pond’s ‘bio-filth.’

We are creating a new paradigm. It is up to us to do this. If we treat our coming prosperity like rainwater or melting snow (only money coming in), and create no outlets (aka, the energy of giving) to keep our lives fresh, nature teaches us that energetically we will end up like stagnant ponds. We need to change this, we need to be living lakes, and to create this environment, we need the OUTLET of energy which is the GIVING. This is how we will all thrive energetically. This is how we create the Golden Age.

I hope this makes sense. All of this is an attempt to put into words the representation of the energy that is needed when it comes to managing money in the new paradigm. I think once we get the energy right, we will eventually no longer need money.

Until then, when your prosperity comes, you can let it all collect into a pool when it floods in. And it will be fresh at first. But if you don’t create the outlet, eventually it will start to stink. I for one, am planning my outlet of giving now, because I really, really hate mosquitos.

share-medium The Energy of Giving. An Important Follow up to Planning your Prosperity.

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