Month: September 2012

Moving forward to the next stage of the project

We have reached a point where we need to close the window for submissions. This is necessary so that we can move forward with the next phase of this project to get this completed and available within the next couple of weeks. While we do have to adhere to some form of data processing, I want to make sure that the energy that has been coming forth for this project does not stop because we can no longer take submissions. This is extremely important. Why? Because our world is changing now. The questions I’ve posed in this project are the real questions that we all need to be asking ourselves. It is through your own personal thought process and your own conversations with your friends and families that is helping to prepare you for these changes. Please know this: What we have perceived to be “Normal” up until now is an old paradigm that will never return. Everything is shifting, everything is changing. Your everyday lives 5 years from now will be dramatically different then they are today given what is about to occur in so many different ways all over the planet. Thinking about these questions and doing your own research to try to come up with the answers has helped to prepare you to make the transition as smooth as possible. I ask that you please continue...

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Update for the “Fix the World” Project…deadline extended due to amazing response.

NOTE: I am keeping this post in tact to preserve the comments. Please note that we are no longer accepting submissions at this time. Your submissions are astounding! We’ve received so many from so many different countries I’ve had to assemble a team of wonderful volunteers to help us in processing them.  Not only is the response so overwhelming, but the vibration is raising tenfold from each and every one of you as you think about solutions. I don’t want to cut off this incredible energy just because of a deadline.  Please continue to contribute your ideas in the submission form even after the deadline.  We are currently processing them and entering them into a qualitative analysis system to create the presentation. I have faith in this process and our team, we will figure out how to incorporate all of your submissions regardless of when they are sent. Keep the energy flowing! Also, if you would like to volunteer to help us in the processing, please contact me directly at Love and Blessings to all of you.  This project is going to affect more than you know! It already is!...

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Sending out the call I have been asked to come up with tangible solutions to help transition our world from the systems we have in place now to the systems we will have in place in the Golden Age. As we are all connected, despite our perceived differences, it would be foolish for me to think that I can undertake such a colossal task on my own. THIS IS AN OFFICIAL CALL OUR FOR YOUR ASSISTANCE. Humanity needs your help. This is your window of opportunity to contribute to the co-creation of our collective future. Please act now! This call is very real, very serious and incredibly important. Think of it in this way: What if the leaders or your country actually came to you with the problems we were all facing, and asked you to come up with a solution that they would actually implement? This may be hard to imagine as it has been so long since our voices have been heard and taken seriously. In an effort to organize this, I have put together pointed specific questions that need your input. I’ve also put together a form and list of instructions to help guide you through your own thinking process, and generate clarity in the information that you will submit. I have set a deadline for submission which is two weeks from now (on September 24th.)...

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